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Monday, July 11, 2011

Investing in You

So much to write about concerning news..  all of it bad.

Debt ceiling debates & what to cut vs not cut..  Unemployment up..  stock market is down  (well actually that's not bad at all since only 10% of Americans hold 90% of all stocks), jobless benefits for many and Federal aid to states set to run out by years' end, ECB & IMF incompetence and EU breakup..  on and on..

But A&G is not a doom & gloom blog.

We report bad when there's bad to report but not we do not seek to crush the human spirit with endless fear either.

So I wanted to take a moment to focus on investing.

Not in stocks, bonds, currencies or commodities...

But investing in You.

People have an amazing ability to survive. As human beings, we survived the 20th century with two World Wars, a Great Depression in between, and the first 55years of the nuclear age.

The 21st century is only in its 11th year and its looking like another bumpy ride.  But that does not mean to bunker down and hiding from the world via addictions and obsessions.  I don't speak only of drugs or drink, but anything you allow your mind to 100% absorb in to escape reality- it can be watching sports, constant exercise or following a sensationalistic murder trial 24hrs a day.

You are valuable and important.  And no matter what terribleness goes on in the world, even that which is directly affecting your day to day life, the keys to your survival and ability to thrive is to direct your mind into constructive and positive outlets which will also be of economic benefit in the future.

That's why the following two words are so important:  Self Education.

In order to be adaptable to the changes in the world occurring at a rapid rate, you need to develop in yourself the motivation and drive to seek to educate yourself. You can certainly go through the college or trade school route and compile tens of thousands of dollars in needless debt.  Or you can learn on your own.  Libraries are free.  The internet itself- web pages, etc. is free, and if offers so much more that sports scores and naughty photos.  

The entire panacea of knowledge of all the history of the world is available to you at essentially no cost.  And I don't speak of trivial pursuit-type knowledge like learning who commanded British forces at the Battle of Khortaum in 1885.  I'm speaking of useful knowledge which will help you prepare for a new different career path or expanding your value to the business you currently work for.  

Learning languages is an excellent way to get a heads-up on your competition for jobs.  Being communicative in Spanish, French or German is good, but how about Japanese, or Mandarin or Arabic?  What employer would not want someone with diverse understanding of language and culture in this global business market?  And even if it didn't apply to the particular career you have currently, one can not predict the future- who you will meet or where your life will be in 5-10years.

Or maybe you have dreams of opening up your own shoppe or restaurant but really don't know the ins and outs of how to be an entrepreneur to make it become reality.  Go to your library or keyword on the internet. Immerse yourself over a couple months in learning every facet you can including securing lending, then make it happen!

The world can be falling to pieces but it doesn't mean your world has to.   With an inquisitive mind and drive, you can expand your horizons and value to employers without having to spend money to do it.

You friends, family and loved ones are invested in you.

Time for You to be Invested in You as well.

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