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Friday, July 22, 2011

June's state unemployment rates

According to WSJ, last month the jobless rate rose in 28 states and dropped in 8.

There are 50 US states.  That means 14 states did not change up or down.

If you're an eternal optimist (or have an agenda) you will twist and mold these statistics so it will sound like this: 22 out of 50 US states (44%) either improved or held ground in June.

If you're honest, you will look at the statistics this way:  42 out of 50 US states (84%) either saw increases in unemployment or were unchanged in June.

Remember, its been 24 months since a board of know-nothing economists convened and declared the recession over.  And for 24 months, every media outlet has shoved the word 'recovery' down our throats.

Is your life better today than it was 24mths ago?

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