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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life is not complicated

Apologies that we haven't written more in the past week or two.

We've really wanted to.  Its just we've taken a stand not to cover any aspect of 'Operation: Debt Ceiling Fear' beyond what we absolutely must to inform readers to not follow it and to not care.

In order to avoid writing on it, we've had to make the conscious and self-preserving step of not reading or listening on it either.  Like the story of Peter & the Wolf, there comes a point when you just get sick and tired of being set up and then it turns out to be nothing or even worse, 11th hour deals are agreed to by parties with no principles or ethics as a means to kick cans while preserving their political skirts (I meant that for male politicians as much as the female ones).

So we at A&G just won't cover it.

We expect some last-second deal will be made late Sunday night or Monday or maybe even Tuesday.  Insincere, disingenuous politicans will smile and speak grandiose about how they saved the nation in spite of the other party while never admitting to themselves how filthy dirty their tiny souls are.  And the markets will cheer and continue making disgusting sums of money which do not translate in any way to the bottom 98%.

Life is not as complicated as many wish it to be.  For instance, if you wish to avoid an 11th hour crisis, then you take the time to negotiate in good faith in figurative hour #7 or #8.  And if you know the debt ceiling must be raised, then you do not complicate an already emotional issue by attaching debt reduction bill to it.

And if you as a politician really give a fuck about balancing a budget and reducing debt, then you don't engage in military operations in 6 nations concurrently (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia & Pakistan) and you force the top 2% to pay more taxes before you begin stealing the economic lifeblood of the poor, elderly and disenfranchised.

Remember all the hype and sensationalism from the media last week about the markets collapsing because a deal couldn't get done?  Well has it?   Its dropped but markets always ebb and flow.  Did it panic drop? Did it do so anywhere in the world last week?   No it did not.

And if the markets don't care, why should you? And if you don't care, should I?

Markets may tank tomorrow or Tuesday.. who what?!  Just one big rigged casino game- completely irrelevant.  It actually would be good if there was a sincere 1000-1500 pt drop which would be a bloodbath for many investors who Deserve to take some kind of massive financial hit after avoiding one since 2008.  Of course the financial media wouldn't describe it that way but then again, they run by different agendas than we.

If the nation was a human being, it would be a patient in the hospital diagnosed as in 'serious condition' while racked with many internal cancers which doctors have chosen not to treat directly.

And the worst aspect of the entire 3+ year Great Recession which shows no signs of let-up, is that even though maybe 15-20% of the population are directly adversely affected, it also means 80-85% are not.  They are allowed to live in complete and total oblivion, and happily gobble up 'recovery' like mint ice cream.

There's a common saying- If a person you know loses their job, its a 'recession', and if it happens to you, its a 'depression'    It should be added that if you're unaffected in any way, then life is good, everyone is 'lazy', and the mantra is 'don't bother me with more taxes'

Once this debt ceiling nonsense passes and the media moves on to the next topic of alarmism, we'll be back to write more consistently.  Until then.. pardon us.

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