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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quick Thoughts -- 7/12/11

Its early Tuesday morning so that means a brand new week of 'Quick Thoughts'.  Monday was quite a depressing news day wasn't it.  It wasn't so much that a specific terrible event happened, but just one of those days where you can tell things will be worse a month from now, so you appreciate today for what it is.  So happy thoughts, good karma and black cherry cola got me through it all in one piece.  Here's Monday's news day summary, brought to you with limited commercial interruption by Crispus Deliscus Brand Triple Chocolate Sweet Lard-Buttery cookies.. "If there's no MSG, it Ain't for me"...

Obama: Time to "eat our peas" and pass debt deal (CBS news) --  'Oh Dear.. Oh My!.. Kind Sir, Please don't force me to "eat my peas".  Oh you mustn't!  I promise to be ever so good.  Indeed I shall...'

Soros: True Europeans now need a Plan B (  --  Preferably one that helps Soros to short-sell the euro as he did the British pound.

Spanish mortgage defaulters face debt nightmare (AP) -- See, in Spain, even if you default on your mortgage and are kicked out, you're still expected to pay the entirety of your original mortgage.  In the US, you hand your keys and walk away.  Always how it is- the government defaults- bailout; person defaults- gets Crushed.

Stocks sink on fresh fears about global economy (AP) --  There should be a law: If you purchase more than 500 shares of a stock, you must wait 10 business days minimum to sell it.  Sometimes the best way to turn Cowards into men is to push them into the fire

Banks Expected to Post Weak 2nd-Quarter Results (NY Times) -- We know, We know.. Banks and businesses purposely downgrade their results before its release, then any improvement causes a market spike.  Keep playing your little investor games..So tired.. Yawn.. So bored..

Black economic gains reversed in Great Recession (AP) --  "This recession is a historic reversal of hard-won economic gains that took black people decades to achieve."   Just terrible... Really.  One of these days we're going to have a real African-American Democrat President in the White House..  One Day..

Price of gas falls a penny in the last two weeks (MSNBC)  -- "OOh! Sweeeettt!  Told ya the economy is in recovery... Don't you feel Silly Now..  Drinks are on me!!"

Shuttle delivers ton of groceries to space station (AP) -- Vitamins.. Check.  Drinkable water.. Check.  Froot Loops with mini Marshmallows?  (silence)  Froot Loops??  (silence)   Aww.. Jeez!!

Racy Pippa Middleton photo "embarrassing" for royal family -- (CBS news) "Shockingly", its a a photo of a woman living in the 21st century wearing a bikini and harmlessly dancing with another.   Rumours that Pippa was 'shamefully' expressing a smile and outward happiness can not be substantiated as of yet...

Schwartzenegger signs on for next film  (AP) -- The film will be a western.  Arnold had previously considered taking on the role of a happily married man who was loyal and faithful to his wife, but decided the part was too science-fictiony.

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