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Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Thoughts -- 7/15/11

~ "I'm not fat.. I'm just fluffy..  Meowwwww"

Time for more Quick Thoughts.  In doing research, I found an article that just Infuriated me.  Normally that is not such a bad thing.. it is through anger and the desire to inform others that we at A&G are motivated to take the time to write truthfully on a subject affecting so many.  Then again, the 'Quick Thoughts' segment is meant to be a more lighthearted, whimsical way of covering the previous news day.  So what to do?

It was decided that today's posting would be slightly different than others.  The first two headlines are expressed seriously.  The remainder is covered with the same sarcasm and black humor that readers have come to expect from A&G.. so without further ado.. today's Quick Thoughts...

The US is flirting with financial suicide ( -- "An increase in the country’s borrowing limit is vital to service debts and to keep the federal government running. If the talks fall apart, the US could default – a seismic event that would do more than damage the country’s sputtering recovery and unnerve a global economy already spooked by Europe’s debt woes."

~ That's from Financial Times, a respected publication..  lets see what a worthless financial news entity thinks on the topic:

Why Failure to Reach Debt Deal Could Actually Be Good Thing (CNBC) -- CNBC's rationale: Investors will turn to Treasuries and that will keep those "bond vigilantes" at bay.. .

~  If the US defaults, at minimum, 10s of millions of innocent people- poor, elderly, etc. will be hurt Badly by it.  Investors and most financial news media are deeply evil Fucks without morals, ethics or scruples who are detached from the sufferings of others.  (Refer back to coverage of Japan's tsunami for numerous examples such as referring to the suffering as "a great buying opportunity"- CNBC's Larry Kudlow)

~  OK.. back to the jokey-jokeys..

Asian stocks rise after stronger US economic data (AP) -- Not sure what the 'stronger' data was: Moody's and S&P's threatening to downgrade our credit, debt ceiling debate at standstill or Fed was bluffing about more stimulus?

5 Factors That Drive Stock Prices (US News) -- They say its things like Market Sentiment, Growth Expectations and Valuations.   We were thinking more along the lines of 7 factors; things like Lust, Gluttony and Greed.

Deal is Made in Minnesota to End Shutdown (Bloomberg) -- The Dem governor capitulated to the Reps by not raising taxes on wealthiest 2% of Minnesotans. In exchange, Reps give up demands on restrictive abortions.  Minnesota: 10,000 lakes and sold down one big, long river...

Cramer: Don't Sell on Lack of Debt Ceiling Deal (CNBC) -- Ah yes, part of the 3 famous Jim Cramer Mantras: 1)  Always be Investing   2)  Never sell even when things look bad  and 3) When a lying, disingenuous bastard talks loudly into a TV set while bells, whistles and confetti go off in all directions, it means 'credibility'.

Medicis Pharmaceutical Shares Tumble After Woman Found Dead in CEO’s Home (Bloomberg) -- The woman was found nude, with a rope around her neck and her hands and feet bound hanging over a balcony at the founder & CEO's place.   Investors are shrugging and saying this is the perfect time to buy shares on the dip.

Europe Looks for Hope in Bank Test Results (NY Times) -- This is how 'stress tests' work:  Those banks who are underfunded and 'fail', get free taxpayer money to bolster it.  So the most rotten and weak banks receive the greatest reward.  Try teaching that life lesson to your kids...

Amazon Plans iPad Rival (WSJ) -- It will be just like Apple's product except Amazon won't be designing the tablet directly, it won't have a camera and it overall won't be as good.

NM man accused of handing out semen-tainted yogurt (AP) --  Police were informed when a woman complained the yogurt sample tasted like a bodily fluid.  Interestingly, prior to the arrest, many men couldn't tell the difference and came back for seconds.

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