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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick Thoughts -- 7/16-7/17 Weekender

Ahh, finally.. the end of another work week.  How to best summarize the past 5 days?  One word:  Fear.  ~nods  Nonstop fear.  OK yes now that was technically two words, but you get what we mean.. Fear of the economic world crumbling.. fear of no checks for elderly and infirmed.. fear of this and that.  Friday in particular was such a repetitive waste full of fear and uncertainty, we didn't even bother writing a posting.

Of course the fears and concerns are real.  And if you thought this past week was annoying, the following week is going to be pure hell on the nerves.   But this is weekend.. clear your head, relax, lay by the pool, and sip a frosty one.  But before you do, here's today's Quick thoughts:

U.S. Downgrade Would Ripple Into Every Home (Fox Business) -- "The ripple effect from such a downgrade would be widespread and potentially severe, impacting everything from local municipalities and the neighborhood bank to home mortgages and student loans."  

~ Ya- Very Interesting.. hmm.. let's connect this with the next headline...

Congress May Allow Default, Stock Crash: Analysts (CNBC) --  "Analysts say some congresspeople would let the US default on its debt, causing a market crash, to create cover for a debt deal."  

~ Hmm OK, and that is not Treasonous how??

Another Recession Is 'One Small Shock Away' (CNBC) -- "The US economy is teetering on the brink of a second recession—not a double-dip—even though the stock market remains strong." Hmm, wonder what would a strong US economy with super-weak market be called..  Nirvana?

U.S. recognizes Libyan rebel group as legitimate government (WSJ) -- This allows the rebels to access billions of dollars in Libyan assets in U.S. banks.  What a comedy of errors this is going to be when (cough)  I mean 'if' NATO loses and is forced to re-recognize Gadhafi.. Oopsie~

Evangelicals Urge Perry to Enter Race (WSJ) -- They're quite impressed with the Texas governor's pro-life record involving the unborn and his success rate in lethally injecting & electrocuting the already-born.

Democrat Wisdom: Raising Taxes Doesn't Add Revenue (CNBC) -- Tax revenue can only come from 3 sources: the poor who are struggling to make it,  the middle class who are struggling to keep it and the wealthy who are struggling to hide it.

Why Some Students Are Saying 'No' to Student Loans (Fox Business) -- "The average borrower in the 2009-2010 school year took out $8,008 in federal loans"  Meanwhile, the average Intelligent young adult took out none.

Murdoch says sorry to murdered girl’s parents ( "G'day.. sorry for your loss.  Shame all this had to happen. I know what loss is like too..  Just lost my paper, 'News of the World' last week. Real Bummah.. Well..  G'day"

BBC Journalists Strike to Protest Planned Job Cuts (NY Times) -- Psst, BBC guys, I know they say the pen is mightier than the sword, but if you encounter police thugs in your protest, perhaps penknives are preferred.

Seinfeld Makes Twitter Debut (Huffington) --  "All tweets will begin 'Did you ever notice' and end with 'What's up with that?!' even when Jerry is not trying to make a point. Ex: 'Did you ever notice I'm not funny.. What's up with that?!'

J-Lo and Marc Anthony Spilt Up (IMDB)  -- Seems J-Lo fell deep & madly in love with another:  Her career.

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