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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick Thoughts - 7/19/11

Its Tuesday so time to start to another week of 'Quick Thoughts'.  Normally Monday is a start to a week (though I guess some could say Sunday is the official 'start') but since nothing to really talk about on a weekend, Tuesday becomes day #1 when it comes to QT.  Summary of Monday in one word:  Ehhh.  Really nothing good happened. Nothing dramatically bad happened either, unless you work for Cisco or Borders, so maybe in a weird way today was a 'good' day, which is pretty sad..  Don't worry, we at A&G are here to pick you up  (funny stuff begins with headline #6)..  Enjoy~

Debt worries drag down the stock market (AP) -- That's what the lying media 'say' but its just a set up. Lesson of day: Never trust child molesters, investors or financial media. This is a purposeful 'dip' to set up a post-debt agreement 500pt spike.

Debt ceiling delay: Gun shot to the economy- (WSJ) -- Here's the blunt truth- if not for fear of Soc. Sec, Medicare and military pay being affected, the debt ceiling not raised is a Good thing.  The market would plummet, investors would deservedly suffer and interest rates would rise meaning savers begin getting some rate of return.  The economic fate of the poor and elderly are being used as economic 'human shields' to get the ceiling raised.

Borders' seeks approval to liquidate, close stores (AP)  Border's was a bricks & mortar bookstore chain which stubbornly refused to discount its inventory or compete with Amazon's prices..  Really can't figure out what caused them to close up..

Cisco to cut workforce by 15 percent, sell factory to Hon Hai (Reuters) --  11,500 workers will be out of a job so that Cisco will cut annual expenses by $1billion.. Did you know if you add these lost jobs plus 11k jobs lost from Borders, that equals 22,500?

Goldman Sachs cuts U.S. second-quarter growth estimates (AP) -- "Downgrade follows last week's raft of weak reports on retail sales, manufacturing and consumer sentiment, which have raised concerns that some of the factors impeding growth are no longer of a temporary nature, as previously thought." -- File article under "No shit!"

Obama tells joke-- No one laughs ( -- It was in reference to his commerce sec. nominee being a former Jeopardy! contestant.  Here's a good joke.. Q: 'Why did the chicken cross the road?'  A: Because better paying jobs were on the other side.

"Harry Potter" Profits cast a Spell (Reuters) --  "Potter" made over $168million this weekend in US and Canada, which once again shows fools and their money are easily parted.

Vancouver, Wash. woman in court for trying to sell baby at Taco Bell (AP) -- The deal fell through when the mother later insisted a quesadilla be added to the 3 crunchy tacos offered.

Inner-city girls inspired by women's World Cup (CNN) -- Nice story written but honestly.. ask yourself.. would CNN have taken time to write story entitled "suburban girls inspired by women's World Cup"?  And if so, why didn't they?

Cheap Trick escape as Ottawa rock stage collapses (Reuters) -- The band "escaped unharmed when a storm blew down much of the stage they were performing on at a major rock concert in Ottawa, Canada, late on Sunday"  But the bigger news story-  people paid money to see Cheap Trick.

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