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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Thoughts- 7/5/11

Now back to our weekday segment, 'Quick Thoughts'-- did you miss it?  (places $100 in your pocket)  Ahh.. of course you did..  And without further ado, here we go...

S&P warning adds default threat to Greece's bailout (Reuters) --   Standard & Poors basically saying, "If it looks like default, we're calling it a default", to which the French & Germans respond with "It may look and taste like shit, but we're still forcing Greece to Eat It!"

Job cuts at major banks intensify (Reuters) -- And somewhere in the world, a blogger is sitting and smiling a big Cheshire Cat grin.

Hackers falsely claim Obama dead on Fox Twitter feed (Reuters) -- Apparently, according to the hoax, he died in Iowa.  Then he asked "Is this Heaven", and Kevin Costner tells the President he's in Iowa, then the two have a catch.

Inside the Disappointing Comeback (WSJ) -- Article purports to be honest assessment of a bleak recession, yet uses the word 'recovery' 7 times!  Three life lessons I was taught:  Can't put toothpaste back in a tube, one can't be half-pregnant, and there is NO RECOVERY without Jobs!

Strauss-Kahn faces new attempted rape claim ( -- Ah yes.. if first you don't succeed to bring a political man down (via a maid/prostitute from Guinea), try, try again.. this time using a French writer.

Weak Jobs Data Expected in Friday's Report (CNBC) -- In other words, economists & experts will Intentionally set the bar Low with unrealistically Terrible predictions.  Then when it ends up not as bad in comparison, market will spike up 300pts...   Don't you just wish you could flog them?

National teachers' group recommends Obama for second term (AP) -- It was a difficult choice for the union:  Either endorse the party that tried to destroy them in Wisconsin and New Jersey (Republicans) or support the other side.

Herman Cain Says Campaign Staff Departures No Worry ( --  Who?  Anyways, everyone knows when staff members depart, it simply means they're so Confident you'll win, there's no reason for them to stay.  ~nudge.. wink

Casey Anthony jury begins deliberations (Reuters) -- Many hope she's found guilty. Some think she's innocent.  CNN-Headline News?  Hoping for a hung jury, then 2nd trial-- Cha-Chingg!!

Seattle man held on $3 million bail in 1950s murder case (Reuters) -- In other news, police are baffled as to who ate the last slice of pizza in my fridge.  Currently there are no suspects but authorities believe it could have been an inside job.

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