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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Thoughts -- 7/6/11

Time for another installment of 'Quick Thoughts'.. not too much occurred in the news today and since this blog is not interested in murder trial verdicts, sports lockouts (though hoping the greedy NFL's lockout goes On & On) or repetitive Greek bailout news (well OK, we do care but just not today), we'll have to cover other topics... Here we Goooo ~

Obama Calls for Debt-Limit Summit (WSJ) -- And here now ladies & gentlemen- the Big Non-Event "Event" of the Summer.  Will the debt ceiling be raised?  Will we prevent a default?  Will the sun rise and sky continue being blue?  Don't touch that dial!

Lagarde takes helm of IMF amid major challenges (AP) --  Including how to suck the rest of the 'PIIGS' nations' infrastructure dry and how to assist in orchestrating a Greek default without having to admit it publicly.

Perry Breaks With a Fellow Texan: Bush (NY Times) -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry worked on Democrat Al Gore's 1988 Presidential Campaign, the one Bush's daddy, "41" ultimately won.  Ironic: closet Dems running as Reps vs. a closet fiscal conservative incumbent running as a Dem.

Why North Dakota Has Just 3.2% Unemployment (Y! Finance) -- It has a population of about 675k, low taxes including sales tax of only 5%, nothing to draw people to relocate, and its Ccccccoldd!

Moody's downgrades Portugal on fear of 2nd bailout (AP) -- Moody's Investors Service cut its rating by one notch to Baa2 from Baa1.  Any worse, and Portugal may drop down to the dreaded 'sheep' rating: Baaaaa~

For Small Businesses, Recession Isn't Over (WSJ) -- Well, um.. Duh!  Headline is stated as if this is a surprise.  Article also used the word 'recovery' twice.  Yep, they'll push 'recovery' down your throats until you succumb or it dies trying.

Turning to Jerks to Restore Allure of Soda Fountains (NY Times) -- Why Not? Turning to Pricks and Assholes has helped restore 'allure' to Wall Street...

Verizon to eliminate unlimited data plans (Reuters) -- This means starting July 7, heavy users of wireless data plans will be charged more to look at internet porn.

Europe and U.S. airlines clash in court over emissions (Reuters) -- Europe says their planes' emissions smell like tulips on a sunny April day while America says their emissions smell like chocolate mocha.

Johnny Depp Close to Deal for Fifth 'Pirates' Movie (EW)  Probably the only actor in Hollywood who can be a complete corporate Sellout whore (to Disney no less) yet somehow retain independent 'Arthouse' cred among fans.

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