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Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick Thoughts -- 7/8/11

Wow, how the summer days are just flying by.  Feels like just yesterday it was July 7th.  And now just like that, here we are at July 8th.  Just Crazy...  Well rapping up the end of a work week where very little occurred yet the global markets are riding upwards on nothing but fumes..  Perhaps next week it will have a much needed and deserved Hard Drop.  Maybe it will happen tomorrow.. Who knows.  Just don't burst my daydreaming bubble, k?

And here you's quick thoughts:

Extreme coupon cutters save cash, teach their ways  (AP)  -- 1) Cut coupons  2)  Buy items at store using coupons  3)  Return items but coupon value is still applied to total purchase price  4) Pocket difference  ~wink

Retailers to Rein In Discounts (WSJ) --  You mean stores aren't going to keep selling markdowns at up to 80% off like in June?  shoot! How are ya supposed to have fake consumer growth without stores selling items at a loss??

Corn Ethanol Subsidies May Be in Jeopardy (NY Times) -- Oh no!  If not converted to ethanol, what will happen to all that extra corn piling up as people around the world starve?  How can that edible product be best used?  Hmm.. its coming to me.. be patient...

Does Wall Street own Congress? (NY Times)  --  Does water feel wet?   Does it snow in Russia in the winter? These questions and more answered in this month's NY Times magazine supplement, "Duh!"

House rejects effort to prohibit funds for Libya (AP) -- House voted to bar military aid to Libyan rebels but stopped short of cutting funds for U.S. involvement.  When you get past the rhetoric, not even constitutional illegality will sway Congress from financing war.

European Banks Increasingly Angry Over Stress Tests (CNBC) -- The banks said, 'How can we continue to pretend we're healthy when you keep making us take tests to show we're not??'

Italy's Berlusconi exposes NATO rifts over Libya (Reuters) --  Berlusconi says he was against Libyan attacks by NATO but was forced to go along.  To paraphrase a common basic training saying, "When the US tells you to jump, you respond 'How high?!'"

Lackluster Job Growth Seen for June (CNBC) --  And everyone knows "lackluster" is the secret code buzzword on Wall Street to INVEST!!!!

How to predict the market’s next moves (Marketwatch) -- A) Learn Insider trading, B) Sleep with someone who is Insider Trading, C) Build a time machine or D) Get Real & Get a Life! Stop investing while you still have something to invest...

How to get out of Jury Duty (MarketWatch) -- sings: ~ And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free; To say any lie I need to say to escape jury duty, And I proudly stand Up, in front of you, and pretend I'm sick (cough..cough); For there is no doubt I don't want to serve... God Bless the USA!!"

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