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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quick Thoughts - weekend 7/9-10

Weekend is here.. Thank goodness right?  Time to Happy-Dance!

Yesterday was a yuk day.  Job numbers were Bad.  But we told you they would be.  Told you that the economists and investors didn't have a clue what they were talking about in their predictions.  Also told you that every vested party had quick rationalizations, and double-talk (psst.. Lies) to explain it.  But past is past.. today's a new day.  So let's enjoy the new day by looking back at yesterday.. its "Quick thoughts" time!

Top Obama adviser says unemployment won't be key in 2012 (The Hill)  -- Oh sure, totally unimportant.  Who wants a silly ol' job anyhow?  They just get in the way of watching "The View" and Soaps.

IMF agrees to give Greece $4.2 billion (AP) -- In other news, a wealthy, insane person in Stupidville took all his money and threw it down the drain.  Authorities are investigating if the two incidents are connected.

Consumers borrowed more for 8th month in May (AP) -- "Borrowing is a sign of confidence in the economy. Consumers tend to take on more debt when they feel wealthier." Hmm..  Point-Points to Friday's jobs report.

White House: Double-dip recession unlikely (CNBC) -- But 2 days ago a NY Times headline read, 'White House Paints Doomsday Default Scenario'?  Are we likely to avoid double dip because we're going straight to Doom?!

GOP says weak job report means no tax hikes (Reuters) - Had the jobs report been good, GOP still would have said no tax hikes.  And had it been Amazingly strong, GOP would have said 'no tax hikes'.  And if unemployment dropped to zero...  You get the picture.

Major grocer getting rid of self-checkout lanes (MSNBC) -- Albertsons supermarket is getting rid of checkout lanes so they have "opportunity to talk to customers more".  If you can't attract customers with affordable food prices, try friendliness- its free.

UN: Texas execution broke international law (USA Today) -- And to show their displeasure, they were going to gather a 'coalition of the willing' and prepare for a regime change, then the UN remembered it was the US that broke the law, and meekly apologized for being snippy.

Elizabeth Smart to work as ABC commentator (AP) -- The former abductee will be a commentator focusing on missing persons and child abduction cases.  Hmm, looks like one network is expecting a rush of child abductions and planning early.

Two separate headlines: Colon cancer deaths down except in Mississippi and Mississippi tops state percentage of obese adults (Both AP) --  I knew Deep South backwoods Southern cookin' was Thick n Rich but...

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