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Friday, August 5, 2011

Financial word wealth

Words are powerful things.. they mold and shape public opinion

For instance:

When an economy is is no longer in negative growth yet still dead in the mud but it is to no one's political advantage to admit it, you still call it 'recovery'.   And if unemployment lets say, drops from 9.2% to 9.1%, well that is 'progress'. And if unemployment raises to say 9.4%, well that's just 'disappointment'

And when a dormant economy gets worse, you call it 'soft patch', a 'rough patch' or a 'blip' or a reference that the nation is facing 'headwinds'

And when things look increasingly worse, you say there's now a fear of a 'double-dip', implying a recovery that never occurred in the first place, did occur and was spaced between recession #1 and the eventual recession #2

And when the stock market drops say 200-300 pts in a day's trading that is called a 'pullback'.  It is also rationalized as 'profit taking' by those on financial news who want their suckers, um.. I mean viewers to keep investing.

And when the market drops for 2 straight weeks including a 512 pt drop, you simply call that a 'potential correction', implying these sorts of things are completely normal & nothing to worry about.  And when the losses head into a third, then fourth week, its calmly stated as being 'full correction'

And if, lets say the market dropped 3500 pts on Friday, the scum on CBNC and other channels would refer to this as a "buying opportunity" because stocks have been "oversold" and there's a lot of "value" to be found.

Now..  how should these events be properly termed?

An economy stuck in the mud is an ongoing recession. If unemployment barely decreases, That is a disappointment.  And if it rises, it is both embarrassing and shameful.

When a dormant economy gets worse, it means we're heading into a small-d depression.

And when things continue getting super bleak and scary, that means capital-D Depression.

And when the market pulls back 200-300 pts, it mean volitility and trader insecurity.

And when the market drops for 2 straight weeks incl 512pt drop, it means the beginnings of a financial panic.  And that a crisis is brewing in the near future.  And losses into a third and fourth week are a Deep panic which force governments into action to prevent public panic.

See how selective word choice works kids?

PS:  In Asian markets news, as of 4a, Japan's Nikkei is down 3.71% and China's Hang Seng is down 4.6%.  What specific word should we use-  correction or panic?

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