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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Tuesday.. must be market farce day

~ 'Many places to be, Money to make- ho ho; If I don't make big profits, Out a window I shall go.'

For months & months I wanted yesterday to occur.. and it feels as empty and hollow as I feared it would.

I used to want a big market crash to occur to hurt banks and financial interests that have raped and plundered this nation while the people naively cheered it on, thinking these entities represented America's vitality.  I wanted a big crash just so it would make an dramatic ipso facto statement to wake people up that the nation's economics is in Terrible shape and to start focusing on Main Street before we degenerate into a Banana Republic state.

But then I understood reality... Life isn't a movie.  There's the day after.

And on the day after, the investors and 'clever-clever' mom & poppers; the roaches and rats, muck and slime congregate to push the market back up quickly based on nothing more than laws of supply/demand and the opportunity to buy when everything was "undersold"

And on the day after, the lying politicians conjure some scheme or trick, or just pull shit out of the air to calm and soothe the markets.  This allowing Corporations with zero fiduciary to anything but their shareholders, to suckle at the government teat while the rest of the nation continued to starve under the lie that Wall St's strength means America's strength.

And on the day after, most people just go about their lives as if yesterday didn't occur.  Kinda like the President's reaction after S&P rightly and justifiably downgraded the US' credit- it was akin to "we'll ignore it.. we're Americans and we're #1 dammit"

Well anyways its 4p.. lets see where we are in the world of finance and Lies:

Dow is up 430pts.. we predicted a 400 pts Jump today by the way...

So what happened?  Here's the scoop you won't hear on TV-- All those corporations that cashed out and sold stocks in their own companies decided to re-purchase them.  Its called shaking off the barnacles.  Works like this:  You have a corporation- you buy millions on shares in your  company stock at $10/share.  You push your share price up to say $13 just on the volume of your purchases.  Others look at your company and think you're doing well, so they flock to you and invest.

Now before you know it, your company is at $20/share.  So what do you do next?  You sell off most of your $10 shares at $20.  You lock in the profit,the others panic and sell their shares- take major losses and by the end of trading day you're back to $10 valuation.  And then?  Why, you simply re-buy your shares again at $10 and wait for more mom & pop suckers to enter the murky waters.

That's what happened today folks.  That's how you drop 635pts then jump 430 the Very Next Day.  Its rigged.. do you get it by now??  Rigged!  You everyday person do not have a prayer.

Here were some headlines from today's financial online sites:

Cyclical Bear Sinks Claws into Stocks -

Insiders are Buying - MarketWatch

Commentary: Why Buy Stocks Now -

~ Yepper, the sharks are waitin' for you.. lickin' their chops... whispering.. invest.. invest.. invest.. And if you do, you deserve to lose everything..  Sorry but honesty hurts at times.

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