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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hoping for a miracle- A 'No' vote

Been a difficult night to sleep...

Though not likely, I am hoping strongly the debt plan agreed by those wretched politicians Obama and Boehner won't get passed today. I'm hoping strongly that tea baggers and genuine liberals can come together, even if for different political motivations and vote down this bill, and in the process humiliate those who put it together Sunday evening.

Perhaps someone with guts and courage like Sen. Sanders can filibuster it

Why would I say that- 3 basic reasons:

1)  This bill does nothing for everyday people but keep the status quo.  2 trillion will be cut over the next 10 years with Zero in tax increases for the wealthy.  In addition, Obama failed to get extensions of unemployment compensation.  So in reality, who did it help?  Besides banks and investors I mean...

2)  This is a controversial point but I make it nonetheless- it has been 3 years since Lehman Brothers collapsed and nothing is now allowed to fail. I mean Nothing!  Every so-called line in the sand or deadline is met with 11th hour compromises and selling of soul to get deals passed that never help anyone but the power elite.

This is true for the US and Europe.  Remember Greece?  Remember those cretons Sarkozy of France and Merkel of Germany coming up with last second compromises to protect their banks from taking financial losses two weeks ago?

How many times can these vile politicians be allowed to keep kicking the can down the road?  How long can bankers and investors be protected and Never allowed to take Any financial hit?   Does no one have principle and conviction to stand firm to their beliefs and not compromise under pressure?

Personally, I expected a deal to be met but I had hoped it would occur by week's end, after the market dropped hard and investors and banks hemorrhaged some financial blood; the kind of moral and economic justics they've been successfully avoiding since 2008.

I also hoped it forced interest rates to begin spiking up.  Zero or near-zero interest allows speculators to make excessively risky bets which put the nation in deep jeopardy of another collapse, which we are financially ill-equipt to handle.  The extremely low interest has encouraged people to get into further debt by buying shit they don't need with money they don't really have to cover the purchases.  Finally this is Killing savers who are getting no rate of return on their savings in which to keep up with inflation and forcing them via intentional steering into the dangerous and rigged stock market for some kind of dividend.

3)  This point is equally controversial but will be made nonetheless.  America, as I've expressed before is the equivalent of a patient in a hospital ward in 'serious condition' and the 'doctors' are not treating the cancers rotting it from within.  Instead the focus is simply to stabilize the 'patient'.   If going a couple days beyond August 2nd is necessary to jolt the world markets and jolt the American people out of a state of blissful ignorance, then so be it.

As we stated before 15-20% of Americans are directly feeling the Great Recession.  That means 80-85% are relatively or completely untouched.  They are intentionally and willfully oblivious to the suffering of others and overall rotting of this nation.  A mini-crisis sometimes is the best way to wake people up.

I have to assume the bad people will win- they've been winning for 3 years now.  So I have to assume the deal will be passed today.  But like everything else this government has done since Sept. 08, it is Never, Ever with the best interests of the American people in mind.