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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Near-future in 10 bullet points

Short posting.. I found this quite funny..and sad..and predictable...

From ZeroHedge -- "As always happens, about a week after Goldman (Sachs) telegraphs the need for QE3, which they did last Friday, the WSJ's Fed mouthpiece Jon Hilsenrath reaches out to the media and proceeds to give the secret QE handshake..."

Agreed.  They also say the Fed is giving "very serious consideration" to a new round of bond purchases (that's QE3) if inflation was coming down.

A&G absolutely saw this coming..  these bloodsucking (insert at least two swear words here) investors and traders MUST make money... MUST make profit even at the complete & utter destruction of the bottom 98%

So let's break this down very simple and clear in 10 points:

1)  Wall St wants more free money.

2)  The Fed Reserve wants to give it to them

3)  The Fed also wants political cover; a reason to say 'we had no choice'

4)  Wall St. in concert & collusion with the Fed, purposely tanking market

5)  This spreads fear & uncertainty; irrational masses then want 'action'

6)  This Exact scenario played out in 2010- result: QE2 agreed in Aug '10

7)  Every dollar in Fed spending (QE) is $1 in debt

8)  If QE3 is $1 trillion; our National Debt becomes $15.3T instead of $14.3T

9)  All this factored into debt-ceiling vote

10)  When QE3 comes & goes, there will be QE4.. it never ends

What is cut in social spending to "lower" debt by this so-called "super-duper committee" will be used toward next round of QE.  Think of it as cutting back on your food, utilities, healthcare, etc so you will have more $$ to use the next time you visit Vegas.  The one difference being that in this scenario, it is your choice to be this irresponsible and with QE3, you have no choice.

Life is going to continue getting worse & worse for the bottom 98%- only real questions are how dramatic do we feel the pain and what it takes for Americans to overcome their "Fear" Factor?  ** Read:

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