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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Ants & Grasshoppers" Anniversary

Today is a special day for those who work on "Ants & Grasshoppers"

We started one year ago today with a desire to explain economics, finance and current events in a way that was free of elitism, corporatism and intentional complexity.  We saw how mainstream news handled coverage of the economy, which was Deplorably.  And we observed how critical-minded alternate news sources and finance blogs addressed markets with economic or political agendas.

So we decided at A&G to do something different-  We took no sides.  

No hidden agendas..  No economic ulterior motives.

And we did something few others do- we laid our 'cards' on the table:

A&G honestly does not care if Obama is re-elected or a Republican wins in 2012.  Both parties are horrible and completely owned by Wall St.  And we express this often.  A&G also doesn't care if you buy gold or don't, or whether you choose to invest in the market- we don't profit either way though we usually advise not to put your $ into that con game.  Unlike many other economic blogs, we don't push specific stocks or sectors, and we do not place advertising on the page.

We have axes to grind of course but are pretty transparent.  The mainstream media is an unfunny joke.  The recession is statistically now a small-d depression, and they still call it 'recovery'.  Just vile.  And we focus the most vitriol on the Investor- soulless, sociopathic cockroaches that they are.   And to be clear, if you have a 401k or own $50k in stocks, you are a small-i investor.  You are not who we criticize.  We focus on capital-I "Investors"-- money-junkies who move, shake & manipulate markets, and who nations fall over themselves to coddle and pacify.

So its been 1 year.  We did not accept advertising nor pay to advertise this blog.  And yet we now average about 25,000 views a day thanks specifically to you and spreading word of mouth.    We are appreciative of this.  

And now we enter year #2 and we'll still be here keeping you informed.

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  1. Congrats on such a diversity of well-written material


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