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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aren't Roller Coasters supposed to be fun??

Covering the market this week for me is like thinking of going to the dentist.

Tense.. Aggravating and full of Dread.

I just know more precious US taxpayer dollars are going to be diverted to the banks and Wall St after the Fed's two-day meeting finishes up.   And the thought of those sociopathic investors being jubilant is just not a pleasant thought.   So unless there's a nice surprise, I will keep postings relatively brief on this topic.

Today was such a surprise-  The Dow started today at 11,400 then went up.. then down.. then up.. and went up.. up.. and by 2:15p it was at just about 11,500 based on Greece I suppose.. then..  down, down, down... to finish at...

11,408  (+7.65)

If you spent this day of your life daytrading in this market-- a day you will never ever get back-- you accomplished nothing.