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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good For China~

On Monday, the cockroach Investors peed their pants in excitement over possibility that China would bailout Italy and by extension the rest of the EU.  They were so giddy, the market had spiked 200 points in the last 20 minutes of the day's trading.

Investors are Deeply Ignorant people.

China states price for Italian rescue (Telegraph UK) --  "China has called for major strategic concessions from Europe before agreeing to rescue the eurozone, chilling hopes for immediate purchases of Italian bonds... (Premier Wen Jiabao) warned that China will not sign a blank cheque for states that have failed to carry out full reform.  "Countries must first put their own houses in order,""

Investors are parasites like mosquitoes.  They just want their 'blood'; their profits.  And do not give a damn as to what it takes or the costs in terms of nation destabilization or impoverishment of the masses... Must.. Get.. Blood

And good for China to douse their hope with some cool water.