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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Job Creation- Being Your Own Employer

~ "I really Like you.. You're Hired!"

Thought I'd take a moment to do a blog posting that's rather positive and constructive, rather than expressing and analyzing global economic/financial realities that are anything but optimistic.

Many people are out of work, and because of it you find often articles attempting to assist people in the goal of finding employment or giving helpful tips on aspects of the job-seeking process such as how to write the perfect resume, the proper way to conduct yourself in an interview, etc.  And some information is useful, other tips are worthless.  But there's usually one common thread to all the advice columns--  Its how to make yourself employable to others rather than ways to be self-employable.

In making suggestions, I will assume the reader is not seeking nor has the means to acquire large amounts of bank loan debt to establish a landlocked business via renting commercial space and a million other little details that go into running one's own company.  So here are some alternative ideas that will allow you to generate additional income and thus be your own boss.

1)  Online auctions-  There are many vendors on auction sites like eBay, diverse in their products from name-brand wholesale goods that may be 10-15% below retail to those who simply use the auctions to rid themselves of items around the house.   A person who takes the time to go to real garage sales and flea markets (the ones advertised in newspapers, not the ones with professional merchants) will find many great deals and then put those purchased items up on the auction sites for a profit.

While nothing is guaranteed in terms of what you sell and how much you make, if you're serious, focused, and set a goal of generating $500 in weekly profit after initial cost and auction fees, that translates over a full year to $26,000 which is a better salary than most entry level positions offered in the paper.

2)  Tutoring-  If you are knowledgeable in a specific school subject like math or science, can speak a foreign language fluently or play a musical instrument, why not translate that into tutoring.  If you charge let's say $20/hr for your time and are able to generate 30hrs/week in clients, that equals $600/week, which over the course of a full year equals $31,200.

3)  Handyperson-  People who are handy are always valuable and the more skilled you are in tasks that the average person doesn't want to do or can't perform, the more $ you will make.  People will always need their gutters cleaned, roofs fixed or re-shingled, need their air conditioner or heating units fixed, automobile repaired, etc.   There will also always be people who due to age, disability or busyness in their lives, need someone to help them move or to mow the lawn and landscape, rake the leaves and shovel the snow, etc.

4) Drivers -  Depending on where you live, particularly in an area where there's many senior citizens, a driver is a godsend when it comes to taking someone to a Doctor appointment, or other basic errands a person wants to do but is incapable without your assistance due to lack of transportation.  In addition, drivers are very wanted when someone needs to be taken to, or picked up from an airport.

There are more ideas but the point I'm making is there's always a niche... always something one can do with their specialized skills and personality to make supplemental income or in some cases, a true living wage without having to go through want-ads.

A person basically has three choices- A) Wait and wait and wait for government to create jobs,  B)  Hope and wish and wait for private business to hire you, or C)  Create your own job

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