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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hippity Hoppity Hope

The market spiked up about 125pts today, mostly based on hope..

"Greek Deal Hopes" as AP put it..

I think after 3 and a half years, there isn't a word in the entire English language I despise and loathe more than that empty, meaningless term...


Hated it when a charlatan of a President used it in his 2008 election bid.

Hate it even more when it absurdly drives the stock market up and up.


As in "I 'hope' it doesn't rain.. Now I have zero control over whether it does rain and my wants/wishes do not matter a damn whether it will rain...  I simply 'hope' it doesn't."

Hope..  Hopium..

Everyone must believe all will get better..  Just wish it.  Pray on it.

Hope it.
~ "I hope things get better, I hope my Daddy finds work & I hope for a pony"

Few to none with the power and means to make things better actually take the necessary steps to ensure things do get better..  Not the smartest way to get re-elected;   Not the smartest way to lock in or expand profits,

They just fudge the stats... fudge unemployment findings... fudge housing data, consumer spending, consumer confidence, GDP figures..  Fudge Fudge..

Fudddgggeee! as Ralphie from 'A Christmas Story would say.

And who questions?  Who wants reality- to admit depression instead of recovery?   Recovery sounds so much better.. just rolls off the tip of the tongue splendidly... Re-cov-er-y

And what hope is there that the parasites and vermin who make their living in the world of Finance have concerning Greece?  A deadline will be met to shore up a deal by Monday?  Wasn't there a deadline on Sunday Feb 5th?  And didn't it keep getting pushed and altered and adjusted?

And once the Greek politicians fully bowed down to their economic masters last week, wasn't that supposed to be the end?  Guess it doesn't matter to the investors and traders that Germany and Luxembourg's foreign ministers have both publicly stated that Greece is untrustworthy and it would be better if they simply default.  Or that many other European officials have declared enough of a buffer has been created, they're willing to risk what happens when Greece goes bankrupt.

Maybe they hope the US will ride to the rescue again and bail out the world again.  Or China will be the global economy's savior?  Or maybe Martians will come to Earth and bail out the banks and debtor nations of the world?
~ "I hope you do not look to me to save you.. busy dealing w/ Mars' economy"

Why not..  'Hope' doesn't cost money, take effort or use any brain power...

You simply declare an outcome you desire, then put your full faith and trust in people or entities which caused the problems to achieve it.  Or you put such faith and trust in nothing.   You can be right.. you can be wrong.. no one is going to sue you or take you to task for hoping.

In fact, your simpleness will appear quite endearing and sweet.

So maybe I will give hope a try as well..

I hope Greece defaults.  I hope it pulls the global markets down to 2008 levels and lower.  I hope it causes deep financial pain and suffering for banks, investors, traders and anyone else who profits excessively over people. I hope the reverberations force government to start enacting policies to help everyday people and not the top 1%.  I hope Obama loses in 2012 and I hope a third party candidate comes out of the woodwork who isn't immoral, unethical or owned and beholden to Wall St to defeat him.

Lastly, I hope 2012 becomes the death of assumption based 'hope' and the birth of genuine reality-based optimism.

One can hope...
~ "I hope no one notices my fingernails color contrasts with my dress"