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Friday, February 17, 2012

Mailbag Q & A -- 2-17-12

Well its Friday afternoon.. a 3 day weekend approaching with the US market closed on Monday to honor Presidents Day , a holiday we celebrate with sales at department stores and... well, really that's it.

So time for another wonderful, exciting installment of 'Mailbag' where we try to answer questions as concisely and truthfully as possible.. ~rubs hands together..  let's just delve in...

Q:  I disagreed with your last posting on 'Hope'.  I think Hope is wonderful and vitally important.  Without it, I probably would not have won election and I think we all can agree we're much better off for it.   Speaking of which, how do you see my chances in the upcoming election? -- B.O.  Washington, DC

A: Well B.O., "Hope" is a wonderful thing when a child possesses it.  The innocent naivete they demonstrate to the realities of the world is quite sweet and precious.   In an adult, its simply repugnant.

As for your chances at re-election, under normal circumstances, it should be a slam-dunk that you'd be a one-term President.  You are fortunate that the Republican party does not have a single candidate who's genuinely in touch with economic Reality, nor ethical enough to be trusted to be any different than you've been. Let's admit it Mr President, with the exception of gay rights and abortion, your policies are truly no different than George W Bush.

You really do not deserve that 'D' next to your name.
~ Andrew Jackson (7th President)-- vetoed the Bank of the United States in 1832 because it hurt the farmer and everyday man at benefit of the banker & financier; a great President

Q:  So tired of all the non-stop doom and gloom coverage about Greece and how you attack the stock market.  Today we almost reached the 13,000 mark which is the best in nearly four years.  Its going to keep climbing and nothing you can do about it.  How do you like dem' apples?  -- Gree D. Fooker, New York City

A:  Perhaps you could bring those 'apples' over here so I could take a mallet and smash them into applesauce.   Oh, I kid, I kid..   Anyways, where to begin--  if not for the Fed Reserve spending Trillions to prop up the most evil, soulless vile people's means of making a living (people like you Mr. Fooker), the Dow would be around 6,000.  That would accurately reflect the True state of the US economy.  Second, we shall see who laughs last by late March when Greece defaults chaotically, the banks & investors take a bloodbath and triggers a much needed market adjustment i.e. crash.

So I 'Hope' you're invested heavily Mr. Fooker... 
~ Pres. John Tyler (10th President)-- vetoed Second Bank of United States in 1841 for same reasons as Jackson, first VP to become Pres. establishing the right of succession, annexed Texas

Q:  I love playing the stock market.. I guess you could say I am addicted to it, much like a junkie needs a fix or alcoholic needs a drink.  I just Have to be investing or I will go nuts.  So if you had to invest in something, and I mean Had to, like as if your life was dependent on it, where would you put your money? -- "Stumpy", Boston, MA

A:  Well Stumpy, that's a difficult question because I can not begin to relate to the addiction you possess.  The need to constantly put your money at risk and always seek out profit, I can not begin to relate to, since unlike you, I am quite content inside and do not have the empty hunger you are consumed with.  But I will indulge you.. if I had to invest, as in Had to, I'd invest in dollar store-related stocks because in this depression, $1 is an attractive amount to spend on greeting cards toiletries and whatever else is sold there. Those businesses are not collapsing anytime soon.

Happy gambling... um.. I mean investing!
~ Teddy Roosevelt (26th President)-- broke the Trust which were large corporations holding too much power such as Standard Oil & 1st Pres. to deal positively with Unions; Great man

Q:  You seem to get down on America in your postings sometimes, and even as a non-American, I get bummed oout.  What's it all aboot?  -- "Ottawa Otto", Ottawa, Canada

A:  Appreciate the Q because it gives me a chance to clarify some things.  I love America.  Very much in fact.  I won't wave a flag, say 'We're #1' and act haughty.. but overall, I love America;  love its history, its land, its spirit.

That said, I deeply dislike America's political leadership-- both in the past and the present.  Hate the two-party system that says only 'A' or 'B' is electable.  Also hate the mindset they brainwash upon people that when deciding a course of action, its 'A' or 'B'... never room for an option 'C' or 'D'.

Also hate its economic system.  They call it capitalism-- its not.  Capitalism is wonderful and is the most democratic means of people getting ahead and making a better lives for themselves and their families.  But like I said, that's not what America practices.  Instead the US applies "uber-capitalism" or ultra-capitalism or 'trickle down' capitalism.  Wealth is held in abundance by the very top 1% and the only way the bottom 99% can benefit and economically grow is if the elite 1% can control or profit from the means.

Think of it as a pizza pie.  The top 1% take 7/8ths of the slices.  The rest have to fight and scratch and claw for a slither of the remaining slice.  And if lucky, the elite will toss down some leftovers for the masses to fight each other over.. like rats.  The 1% control finance.. control the markets... control politicians and control elections.

The bottom 99%  seem to be too busy eeking by a living, trying hard to compete with their family and neighbors to buy/possess the most expensive 'stuff', and/or distracted by sports, entertainment and mindless celebrity gossip to gather together and try to change the system for their benefit.

So in summary Otto, I love America & love capitalism.  But i deeply dislike American political leaders, hate the bastardized form of capitalism which is in play and feel great frustration that so many people choose to be self-centered ostriches.
~ FDR (32nd President) -- his 'New Deal' policies got millions back to work at fair wages; instituted social safety nets; popular enough to win four terms in office; a super-Great Pres..

Well, that's all the time we have for mailbag...  a long weekend awaits...