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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random Musings- Greece, America & apathy

~ A pie chart breakdown of where Greece's bailout money goes.  Only 19 cents on the dollar, or rather euro actually go back to the Grecian economy i.e. its populace.

No one respects deadlines anymore...

Frustrating... just frustrating..

The big news out of Greece over the weekend was that its leaders had just 24 hours to work out a deal with its EU, ECB & IMF creditors that would complete the selling of their nation and souls to their creditors.

Only 24 hours for Greece's leaders to agree to "the minimum wage be cut to less than 600 euros ($790) a month ($4.94/hr) and that at least one holiday allowance, the so-called 13th and 14th wages, be abolished, and pensions paid by supplementary funds should be cut by 35 percent" (AP)

Just 24 hours to agree to this harsh austerity or Default.

And what happens??   Talks extended into Monday...

Not sure what there really is to talk about.  The choices are really like an evil person saying "We will cut your left and right arm off as well as your right foot, or we will kill you outright"   How much deliberation does one need on a choice like that?  When does the pride instinct kick in?

We've learned and observed many lessons over the past 39 months.  Among them is that few to no world leader truly cares about its people, especially in a crisis, and when the choice is between reality and can-kicking, everyone including the common people want it kicked.  Happily so.

Also learned that few people in the US have really been affected so far by this recession.  Most of the people hurt and harmed were those in such bad shape from policies of the last 30 years that even in economic boom, they'd be going bankrupt, foreclosed upon and all that.  Very few others have.

You walk in most malls.. still see it bustling.. still see plenty of vapid, anti-social, technology addicted teenage morons with their headphone buds in ears and texting away without a care in the world.. Still see plenty of consumers consuming with credit cards swiping and registers cha-chinging all the live long day.. Still see people emotionally oblivious to everything outside their immediate family and more immediate needs.

The biggest lesson learned with few exceptions is that in this whole global economy narrative of crumbling banks, bailouts, recession and supposed "recovery", from politicians to investors to everyday people, there really is no one to cheer or root for.  And so few heroes.

Politicians are corrupt, bankers/financiers are evil, Investors are vermin and most everyday people won't fight back in any meaningful way.  Could be apathy or a fear that god-forbid, all their 'stuff' will be taken from them.  And the youth- they have the most cause to fight since every 18yr old college student without a silver spoon or teat to suckle upon, becomes a debt slave via student loans before legally allowed to take their first drink.  And that debt never, ever, Ever go away... Even in a bankruptcy.
In other parts of the world, youth fight back, or at least try to.

Angry Youths Attack House Of Greek President Papoulias; Hurl Rocks, Molotov Cocktails (AP) -- "About 30- 50 Greek youths arrived by motorbike and on foot just after 8 p.m, hurled a Molotov cocktail, rocks and paint at the house but stopped short of attacking the two guards at the President’s house"

In America, they sit outside in parks for days and weeks on end sipping coffee from thermoses while listening to their ipods and texting nothing important while mainstream America ignores them.

Either we've become That lazy and detached a nation, or those suffering the most still believe so much in the whole Left-Right political canard that no one wants to embarrass or hurt Obama's chances at re-election with a sincere dust-up.   I can't imagine such restraint if McCain/Palin were running the nation with exact same economic policies or even say a Bush third-term.

So, deadline extended in Greece one more day.  We still assume all will be worked out to the powerful banking interests' will...  or who knows, be extended another day.

Greece is the nation that invented democracy.   Would be nice if they be less like Athens and more like Sparta.