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Monday, September 17, 2012

How to Find a Job? - Go To Prison

Hope everyone's having a good Monday..

Boy this economy is tough... can't find a good paying job with benefits and some protections to save one's scalp.

And those poor teachers in Chicago-- having to fight and scratch and claw to get a real cost of living increase and keep their union relevant...  Fighting a Democrat no less... and not just any Democrat, but former Obama lackey Rahm Emanuel.

We know Republicans HATE unions (Republican VP nominee and Tea-Party whore Paul Ryan stated last week his full support was behind Emanuel in crushing the union), but the Democrats too?? Aren't they the party of the people??  Its enough to make one think 'crazy' things like both parties bought and paid for by Wall St... Nahh..

But we digress.. Mondays tend to be like that.
So how do you get a job in today's employer-controlled economy?

Well you can always offer your services to companies at 10-35% less than what you're really worth-- that can't hurt.   Maybe be a temp- give up any and all employee rights and protections for the privilege of getting an hourly salary that isn't guaranteed to be there the next day...


Go to jail..  Lots of work for prisoners..   So much work that more and more, private employers are letting employees go because the demand from businesses and even the government is so great...

Here's a recent example..  From Fox News:

"Two southeast companies that make U.S. military uniforms are shedding hundreds of jobs, as the government looks to federal inmates for the fatigues.

American Power Source makes military clothing in Fayette, Ala., but its government contract expires in October. Federal Prison Industries (FPI) – which also operates under the name UNICOR will snag the work, and leave the task to inmates...
American Apparel, the Selma, Ala., based military clothing manufacturer closed one of its plants and continues to downsize others due to the loss of some of its contracts to FPI. According retired Air Force colonel and spokesman Kurt Wilson, the company laid off 255 employees and cut the hours of 190 employees this year alone. So private workers end up losing their jobs to prisoners."

~ Isn't that lovely.. Well, at least the taxpayers get some savings, yes??

"The way the law is – Federal Prison Industries gets first dibs and contracts up to a certain percentage before they have to compete against us," Wilson, the executive vice president of business development and government affairs, said. "The army combat uniform, for instance, is an item that they take off the top. As a result American tax payers pay more for it – but the bottom line is each soldier is paying more for their uniform."

American Apparel charges $29.44 per uniform, but the FPI uniform costs $34.18 – a 15 percent increase"

Of course if you excitedly jump at the opportunity to become an inmate, understand that as a prisoner you get paid next to nothing.  According to Federal Cure, 55 percent of federal inmates were paid 12 cents an hour in 2010, 5 percent were paid 40 cents an hour and inmates new to a federal prison were paid $5.25 a month.

Those 3rd world sweatshop workers have it Good in comparison.. lucky duckies
On the other hand, as a prisoner, you do get free housing, cable TV, free clothing, 'yummy' food and all the intimate companionship one can desire (if you are into that sort of thing).

So we guess you just have to weigh the pros & cons..

Who says the American Dream is dead??

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