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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

News Quotes on Impending QE3- Guess the year

As all the maggots and rot i.e. Investors are awaiting an announcement this Friday that finally QE3 will be implemented for their exclusive profit-making benefit, we thought we'd play a simple game called 'Guess the Year" and it works like this..

We will provide quotes from news articles written on the impending QE3 which is/was supposedly 'guaranteed' to take place.  All the following quotes were written in September.  You simply have to guess whether it was written currently (2012), or whether it was written a full year ago (2011)

Let's begin:

"The US economy has been slowing down in the recent months and the Fed's main task now is to find the best way to stimulate it... The pessimistic tone of the FOMC minutes made it vibrantly clear that policymakers are warming to the idea of more QE." --

Written September 9th... 2011 or 2012?

"Ben Bernanke and the Fed to the rescue!  In a startling move, the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced that its zero-interest-rate target would be extended through the middle of 2013, marking the first time the target rate has ever been pegged to a date certain... The stock market loves Ben Bernanke!  In effect, this is a giant step towards QE3 bond purchases and new-money creation..." --

Written September 8th...  2011 or 2012?
"St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard told Canada's Business News Network that if the Fed does decide to ease policy it should do so with a third round of bond-buying, or quantitative easing, in a policy option nicknamed "QE3."...   "I think our most potent weapon is to do QE3 if necessary, and I think that's going to be the ultimate decision that the committee's going to have to make."" -- Reuters

Written September 8th...  2011 or 2012?

"The August jobs data was shockingly bad and is stoking talks of QE3... The sheer ugliness of the report is one of the strongest indications to date that the U.S. recovery is screeching to a halt... The persistent weakness of the U.S. economy - evidenced by a series of weak economic data in the last few months, with the August jobs report being the latest one - has stoked talks of QE3..

 "The Federal Reserve has gained greater political ability to enact a version of QE3 at their meeting in September," wrote Douglas Borthwick of Connecticut-based Faros Trading in a note to clients.

"I'm sure the Fed is working on something creative. It will be something stimulative and expansionary. I don't know what Bernanke is hearing from President Obama, but politically the president cannot afford any more economic erosion," Joel Smolen at Axion Capital Management told Forbes..."" -- Forbes

Written September 2nd...  2011 or 2012?

The answer to all four quotes are the same... all written in 2011.

Twelve Months Ago!
That piece of Shit, Benjamin Bernanke has been able to successfully con the stock market to rise over the last Twenty months via an Endless cocktease of "QE on the way"...

It really is disgusting.. No one with the power to stop this farce.  No one in a position of power who wishes it to stop...

And all the so-called 'experts'... these Scum... What are they writing in the papers this week as they prepare for Friday's announcement:

"Today Goldman Sachs stated, "We now anticipate that the FOMC will announce a return to unsterilized asset purchases (QE3)" -- WSJ

"For the third time in less than four years, the Federal Reserve this week will likely move to inject a sick economy with a B-12 shot... In a USA TODAY survey of 36 economists on Friday, 22 predicted the Fed will announce further bond buying this week."  -- USA Today...

And if it doesn't happen?  Oh well.. always October.. or November.. or December..or January.. or...
Gotta happen sooner or later right?  

Even a broken clock gets it right twice a day doesn't it?

And these egotistical little shits who make these continual predictions and even more offensive.. assumptions... what happens to them?  Do they get punished for being continually wrong?  Perhaps water boarding would be apropos.. or stringing the economists up by piano wire..

Harsh you think?

Then you truly don't understand the con game being played at your peril...

The entirety of the corrupt stock market is based on two emotions-- greed and fear.  There are very few  who invest in the market who trust in themselves and their investing acumen.  The vast majority are emasculated cowards-- following every rally, buying on every rumor or hunch-- a pack mentality.

So will there be an announcement of QE this Friday?  Who knows.. Who cares..

The bottom 99% doesn't benefit in any way, great or small..
But we say when QE3 does come, let it be as impotent as probably the man who implemented it, and let it fail so miserably to jump start the market, that the Fed admit Finally it is out of 'bullets' or 'tools' in the ole' 'tool chest'