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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spiritual Impotence

Its Tuesday.. For millions of Americans its back to work after a three day Labor Day vacation.

Perhaps the holiday should be renamed Happy Part-Time Labor Day, or more accurately Happy Temp Day!

Of course for tens of millions of Americans, there is no job to go to; just another day of dreariness as they submit resumes, wait for call-backs that never come, and wonder how they're going to make it another month.

Those people really don't get talked about much on TV.

You don't see the news coverage of people living in their cars; living on the streets.  The stories about how lower-middle class families are surviving when their wages have dramatically decreased or disappeared entirely; what its like to live in a world with zero savings and little to no hope things are getting better..
Nah, Too dreary-- hard to sell and push 'Recovery' if those people are given a voice; hard for advertisers to counter reality with their fake-cheeriness.  Plus if you see too much suffering, you're likely to blame the current administration and dare to vote the opposition, which is really not what the media wants.

So instead, the media presents success stories and focuses on the market.

Ahh.. That worthless stock market.  Funny how something so impotent keeps rising.  We guess you can lift just about anything with long enough puppet strings.

We thought what happened Friday was an absolute farce and proof-positive of how much it Deserves a fierce market crash (hopefully this autumn).

So here's what happened:  The bottom feeders had their plates out for some 'meat'; some QE3... 'This is going to be It!  We're going to get it boys!'.. and they waited for the bearded Bastard to speak... and he said things aren't great and needs to improve, blah blah...

Then by the time his speech was concluded, there was no commitment to QE3 coming... NONE...
And the plates were empty; meatless.  The roaches and rats were upset... BUT... something remarkable (and disingenuous) happened..

Some of the filth who make their living in this field said 'Heyy... Don't you rats get it??  Bernanke tipped his hand.. Yesss!!  He's saying that QE3 is coming in a couple weeks...  Let's keep the Rally going!!'

And from absolutely Nothing real or encouraging, came a 100pt rally within the first hour of his speech.

And that's how this finance con game is played.  The average American imbecile knows nothing about finance..they just see the market and if it rises, then its a good day for America, and if it drops, not so much.

Yesterday's market news was "Global shares gain on central bank hopes, eyes on ECB" -- Reuters.  In other words... all it takes for markets to rise is someone in a position of power simply making an empty promise or infer of help on the way..

All someone from Europe or the US has to say is 'We're monitoring the situation closely' or 'We have plenty of tools left at our disposal'  or 'We will do what is necessary..' and that's good enough...

No one expects real action so no one seeks it..
Profits and dividends always come first to the bottom feeders

When the stock market crashes (hopefully) in a couple months, that will knock down this illusionary house of cards fraud called the global economy.

And perhaps if the crash is serious enough and the scum-investors finally admit that the governments and central backs are completely impotent to fix the economy solely by focusing on benefiting those at the top, maybe... just maybe governments will start enacting public policy that seeks to bring up all classes of people, and not just the well-to-do.

Remember, as horrible and 'depressing' the Great Depression was,  without it, there'd be no unemployment welfare, no Social Security, no Medicare...  and there would have been no impetus to get millions of people of every walk of life and educational background working..

It would have continued to be a pre-FDR government policy of 'Live or Die.. you're on your own'.  And while many heartless fiscal conservatives would prefer it be that way, trust us, its not ever going to go back to that without a major fight on their soft, pampered hands.
This is how we see America--as a "home" that is more and more inhabitable due to devastation, rot and intentional neglect.  Its making the inhabitants sick.  Ultimately a new home needs to be built upon the foundation that is sturdy and lasts.  But one can not build something new upon something old and decrepit.

And as long as few to no one in the 'family' demand a better 'home', the longer everyone makes due living in squalor while some members of the family i.e. the decision makers, live in luxury.

People.. we luv ya lotz,  But you better wake up...

The reason you don't have a job (or a job as good paying today vs 2008) is because no one in political office has done a thing to make it so.  No one has passed any legislation or forced companies to hire you.   And no corporation will ever pay someone a fair wage when there's others more hungry and desperate who will do your job for less.

The reason your home values keep dropping is because no one really cares to pass legislation to stabilize the housing market.  Its more important the banks don't keep getting hit with losses.  Its more important new homes are built which simply glut the market and put buyers in the driver's seat to determine purchase price.

And the only reason most have not felt the true affects of this recession is because they have credit cards to buffer the pain, and a nest egg which is constantly dwindling.
Too many people simply sit on their collective asses, bitch and moan about things then perhaps get up just enough to vote every 4 years for the choices of 'crap' vs 'shit'.   Its less and less acceptable anymore.

If you think both parties are rotten to the core (as we do) you need to figure productive ways how to fight back..  Perhaps to support 3rd party candidates... Perhaps to gather like-minded people and create your own PAC (political action committee [and its shockingly easy to set one up]) and donate the bulk funds to the candidate who will be most likely to implement your ideas.

Or start your own blog.. or write comments to every newspaper and mainstream news source you find where you feel they are outright lying to you...

If you are happy with the status quo, then fine.  But if you're not and you do nothing but bitch and moan at the dinner table, you're spiritually impotent.