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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two basic truths of last 48 months

If you take the past four years.. not the Obama Administration per se but specifically the four years since the Lehman Bros. crisis caused the stock market to precipitously drop in Sept. 2008, one can summarize everything into two basic truths:

1)  Everyone who's made predictions or declarations concerning the on-going recession have been wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

2)  Absolutely no one has admitted it.

--  To the happy-peppy positive people... the ones who declared back in 2009 that the recession was over and now and forevermore was recovery; a world of green grass and green shoots; blips, bleeps and bloops.. The people needing to believe "the sun will come up tomorrow... you can bet your bottom dollar there will be sun..."


The clever-clever little quip often stated is if one's neighbor loses their job, its called 'recession' and if one loses their own, its called 'depression'...  And pray-tell, what is it called when one has a job and self-attaches horse-like blinders to avoid the neighbors, family, the news, or anything else that paints less than an ideal story?

The brightest sun is one imagined with eyes closed.
--  To those with faith; blind childish, child-like faith in others to save them from the problems of the world.  We speak not of faith in God, but faith in politicians and parties...

The hopeful 'hope' in an academic dope whose done little to nothing to fix anything in four years in office...  The naive belief that the world will suddenly be alright once another person... another party takes the reins..

The empty belief:  If we all put our full faith and trust in our leaders, they will enact policy that will fix everything and make our lives better and spirit; in our wallets n' purses.  Let us simply turn on the tube, watch American Idol or other nonsense from the 'FUX' network or NBC (Nothing But Crap), relax and all will be well..

Wrong! Wrong!

Ever notice the more moldy the home, the more potpourri and scented candles one uses to disguise the smell?   Well...  sniff.. sniff..  The scent of blueberry scones are pleasant, aren't they?
Nothing to improve employment-- no massive job hiring bill, no financial incentives for private businesses to hire such as tax breaks for those who've demonstrated hiring non-temps or stipends for companies to hire apprentices..  

Nothing but more and more strategically placed scented candles and other mind-sensory distractions to cover the worsening stench... And how could it possibly lessen when no one's taken it upon themselves to remove the rot?

--  To all the Fed-o'-philes.. the bottom feeders often written about here; those who proclaim the solution to the nation's is stimulus...  "Stimulus Today... Tomorrow..  Forever"..  Those who live and breath and work among the cesspool of life.. who buy and sell and hold and buy some more...

Those who have the Audacity to dare to pretend they are capitalists who believe in laissez-faire, free markets and the rest of that rigmarole while receiving one 'hand out bailout while kneeling about' after another...

Has it helped?   $2.9 Trillion dollars of new public debt

$2.9 Trillion complied and stockpiled on in less than 48 months..
And how does one 'admit' defeat in the 'anus' of the world-- Finance?

You simply push a constant rumor of more QE or super-zero interest rates until the mere word of mouth can not sustain the sugar high, then implement another round of financial failure.

--  To the naysayers; the doom 'n gloomers...  Those with good intentions who tried to warn.. to protect; who tried via website and blog to be the modern Paul Revere... to wake n' shake people from the haze n' malaise that all will work out well because government is taking care of everything..

The intentions were good, noble and pure; the information provided sincere and often clear as day to any who took the time to read; to any who sought to be awoken from their Matrix-like state.

But alas they ended up wrong too...

They did not take into consideration how skillfully determined those in positions of power and control were with the golden boot to kick the proverbial 'Can' again n' again and once again..
They did not take into consideration that few to none wishes for an outcome any different--  the politicians, courts, banks, investors... Hell, even the everyday people.. all playing for the same 'team'... all wanting the same solution-- to find a 'rug' large and cavernous enough to sweep all the shit under and pat down for another President or generation to deal with.

And ultimately that's how one can accurately summarize n' surmise the past 48 months of life not only in America but globally.. a consistent cavalcade of wrongness followed by the asphyxiating arrogance of non-admittal.

And what will happen tomorrow upon morrow?  How will everything ultimately get fixed?  We can not say for certain but with certainty we can say the same rottenness will be telling us how now once more as done oft before.