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Friday, January 11, 2013

Do you Believe? (A Questionnaire)

~ 'Do you Believe... in Miracles?!  Yesss..'

Its Friday.. end of a long week that probably to many feels doubly or triply as long since its the first full work week of 2013..

So in that spirit, today's blog is relatively short.

We're going to just ask some open questions.. No responses from us-- you will be providing the answers quietly in your own minds and thoughts

Obviously we have a reason for doing this-- we never simply do 'filler'.  But treat this simply an exercise for you the reader to affirm (or reaffirming) what you believe in..   There will be no pop quiz..
*  Do you believe when someone purchases soda at the local 7-11 or a movie theater, they should be able to choose any size cup they wish?  Or should it be restricted like currently in  NYC?

*  Do you believe people should be prevented from smoking in public places?

*  Do you think restaurants should decrease their plate portion sizes in an effort to curb obesity in others?

* Do you believe children under 18 should be denied access to soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi (no vending machines & not sold in cafeteria) during the school day?  If someone brings soda onto the premises to have with their lunch, should the school confiscate it?

*  Do you believe some people have just too many children?

* Do you think government should place limits on family size?
* Do you believe a person who does not have a large family or is single, should drive 6-7 passenger SUVs as their daily vehicle of travel?

* Do you believe someone who does not do any sort of outdoor or handy-person work should be driving pick up trucks?

* Do you believe people have a right to attempt to live above their pay-grade means?

* Do you believe the influx of foreigners into our nation is bad?

* Do you believe a person has a right to bear arms?

* Do you believe certain types of guns should be permanently banned because personally, you see no reason why another should possess it?
*  Do you believe in free speech?  Outside of crying 'fire' in a crowded theater when there's no fire, do you believe there should be any restrictions or infringements?  If so, what...

* Do you believe employers have the right to curb it in their presence, since they are after all, paying your salaries?

* Do you believe there is a difference between what an everyday person speaks in passion and anger about another vs if directed to an elected official?

*  Lastly..  Do you believe you are a good judge to decide for others?

We're only asking Friend..  Only asking..