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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let's Make a Deal

Its New Years Day and rather than watching college Bowl games or heading out for the latest faux mall sales (OK, we'll do That after we're done here), we wanted to briefly comment on this so-called Fiscal Cliff "deal" which the Senate panickedly passed around 2am EST this morning..

1) It needs to pass the House of Representatives too...  

Really incredible how few news reports mentioned that. They trumpeted that the worst was averted and we all can celebrate,but its kinda like if a 15yr old wants tattoos or breast augmentation-- they need consent of Both parents, not just the one who is more concerned with not being bothered than actually paying attention to what they're consenting to.

This early morning the Senate passed it 89 - 8.

The media interpreted it as 'solidarity'... Yes, solidarity that its New Years Eve and instead of getting drunk and being intimate with their mistresses (Viagra does not last forever you know), many were at work and no way were they going to let any real debate or discussion occur..

Just pass it down to the House.. let them bicker..
~ "And what state do you represent Senator?"

2) Its another can-kicking

Pardon our salty-sailor language but God Damn all politicians who do not have the courage or conviction to have principles and stand by them!

Don't care if you're conservative or liberal-- if people invest emotionally or financially in a candidate and elect that man or woman to be their Senator or Representative, they expect that person to Not compromise from their core values; they are expected to fight to the bitter end.

This current Senate did not grasp that concept.. Hopefully the House will, and this deal is not passed i.e. we go over the cliff as quite frankly we need and deserve to.

If you do not believe in raising taxes as the answer to solving the financial crisis and restoring the economy, you should Never support it.

If you do not believe the wealthy are paying enough and according to Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO labor union, "sets the stage for more hostage taking" by Republicans in future budget confrontations, then you do not support this either.
~ "Let's see what the Congressman & woman have won..."

If this passes, nothing gets truly resolved.. just a two month can-kicking at which time supposedly (if to be believed) will be the line in the sand deadline to get an agreement on raising the debt ceiling, which will be quite contentious enough without adding aspects of fiscal cliff budget cutting which should have been done by now.

3)  Politicians are cowards who serve their Wall St masters

In one AP article alone today, we discovered two interesting (and nauseating) quotes by various Representatives:

      a)  "My district cannot afford to wait a few days and have the stock market go down 300 points tomorrow if we don't get together and do something," Representative Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee, said on the House floor."

     b)  "We ought to take this deal right now, and we'll live to fight another day," Republican Representative  Tom Cole said on MSNBC. "Putting to bed this thing before the markets (open on Wednesday) is really a pretty important thing to do."

Once again pardon our sea-salty language, but What the Fuck?!!

Are you serious Rep Cohen?  Your district can't afford if the market drops 300pts?   The market drops 300pts quite regularly in the post Lehman Bros world...  The market was at one point below 7,000 and your district survived it...  So stop bullshitting your constituents!
~ "Its vital the stock market is happy.. and I choose door 3.."

And as for you Rep Cole, what an utter lazy bastard you are!  No conviction whatsoever do you possess...  Take the deal.. Take the deal.. Can't have those Investors unhappy..  God knows what would happen if they were denied an easy profit..!

So many are whores to Wall St.   We only hope they take the time to at least brush their teeth and gargle  mouthwash each time after...

These pieces of garbage (and many many others out there in both Houses) were elected to Represent you and we.   And we're not naive at all-- corruption, bribes, kickbacks and the like are not modern phenomenon..  But how someone spends all that time running for office, gets elected and yet has no passionate convictions to fight for...

Any imbecile can compromise, and a emotionally detached politician makes for quite a dangerous one...
So will it ultimately be passed?

At this point, we haven't the faintest clue..

We just know poll after poll shows people hate elected officials yet consistently vote "their guy/gal" back and wonder why nothing ever improves..

And we also know that no everyday American should be wanting this corrupt, contaminated and rigged stock market to go up any more than it has.