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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Video: Gun Control & Hypocritical Hollywood

Well the fiscal deal passed...   Well a portion of it.. the tax hikes

The spending cuts were can-kicked down two months to coincide with the Genuine line-in-sand deadline to approve a debt limit increase...  Can you say "No debt limit deal without massive entitlement cuts, Mr President"?

So we move on...

We want to take a step beyond economics and finance today...  Talk about something else that's important and which will be a big battle in 2013--  Gun Control.

Everyone has an opinion, and for some, its clouded by the horror of Sandy Hook...  Others, they formulated their opinions on the topic way before then, and perhaps the tragedy of that late December day just re-affirmed it.

We-- we take a different track.  None of us here at A&G own firearms.. no one.

But its by Choice.  Not because government or any person dictated it.   We believe strongly in the 2nd Amendment...  And the purpose was not to protect oneself vs prowlers... It was to protect oneself vs tyranny.
The colonials were not allowed to possess guns pre-Revolutionary War just like the citizens had to take in British soldiers into their homes (called 'quartering') without the homeowner's permission.  

The issue of right to bear arms was so vital in importance then, that it became the 2nd Amendment i.e. second only in importance to free speech. (Quartering Act is the 3rd Amendment)

So even though we here do not possess any firearms of any kind nor belong to any political group which defends such rights,  we also will never accept  arbitrary decisions made by others i.e. strangers as to what type of weapon we should or should not possess based on that opinionated person's particular lifestyle choice.

We hate hypocritical people...   Especially celebrities...

Below is a video we found on YouTube entitled "Demand A Plan? Demand Celebrities Go F*ck Themselves [Extended Cut]"  Click on it or click here:
It shows the original 'Demand a Plan' video where celebrities are urging people stop possessing firearms and for stricter controls while scenes from movies where those celebs use firearms are edited in...  Depending on your viewpoint, you will find it informative or makes no point whatsoever..

That's up to you to decide.. We're not here to sway.

* To hear the video without blogsite's music, just go to very bottom-left of this page and click pause