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Friday, January 4, 2013

Who Owns the Major Newspapers? A Detailed List

When we think of newspapers, we may think of who writes for them or what political or ideological slants they may possess..

One thing we don't tend to think about is who owns them?  We don't mean which corporation publishes them... But who Owns i.e. has a large financial stake in the paper.

The major newspapers like New York Times and Washington Post are publicly traded-- many people own shares in them.. some people may own 10.. maybe 100... some may possess 1000 shares

That's not what we're talking about--

Those amounts are mere pittances.

We're talking ownership in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of shares of a newspaper's stock..  Think there's no influence over the content or manner in which the field of finance and business is covered?  Dream on..

The following information is a repost of three articles we released from last May showing just who owns the major US newspapers.   Remember when perusing through the long list, that all corporations including newspapers have only one obligation-- appease shareholders.

Admittedly the numbers and names can get overwhelming and monotonous, making for more of a skim n' read but that's quite OK.. we understand..  It is Friday after all~

The complied list of NY Times' biggest investors is as of Dec. 31, 2010:

           Top Investors                         Shares Held       Shares Value

Optimum Investment Advisors, LLC   10,715,274       $105,010,000

T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.           10,572,400       $103,610,000

Slim Domit HelĂș (Carlos)                   10,050,000         $98,490,000
  ***  Mexican business magnate and philanthropist; ranked as the richest person in the world in 2012

ValueAct Capital Management, L.P.     7,000,000          $68,600,000

Vanguard Group, Inc.                            5,673,932         $55,605,000

BlackRock Trust Company, N.A.          4,707,110         $46,130,000
  ***  American multinational investment management corporation and the world's largest asset manager

Global Thematic Partners, LLC            4,308,465         $42,223,000

Harbinger Capital Partners                 3,747,386         $36,724,000

Baron Capital Management, Inc.         3,644,030         $35,711,000

Franklin Global Advisers                   3,573,665         $35,022,000

State Street Global Advisors (US)     2,912,676         $28,544,000

Goldman Sachs Asset Management    2,402,878         $23,548,000
   ***  Ahh, Good ole' Goldman Sachs owning the media

BNP Paribas Asset Management        1,627,450         $15,949,000
   ***  An asset management company headquartered in Seoul, Korea

Statens Pensjonsfond Utland                  921,876          $9,034,000
   ***  The Government Pension Fund of Norway

~ The above companies retain what are called Class A shares.   Arthur Sulzberger Jr. controls 90.2% of Class B voting shares through family trusts.

Who truly owns the Washington Post:

** All statistics as of 12/31/2010

           Top Investors                            Shares Held       Shares Value

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.                  1,727,765 $759,353,000

*** 20.45% of ALL Wash Post shares are owned by Warren Buffett's company;  That's $759.3 Million reasons why you will never ever see a truly bad word about super-greedy Buffett uttered in the Post

Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc.   419,155 $184,219,000

Southeastern Asset Management, Inc.        388,301 $170,658,000
    ** Invests in undervalued Securities

International Value Advisers, LLC   371,451 $163,253,000

Longleaf Partners Small Cap Fund   289,000 $127,016,000
Vanguard Group, Inc.                   281,768 $123,837,000
    **  They also own 5.6 million shares of NY Times stock

State Street Global Advisors (US) 240,225 $105,579,000
   **  World’s second largest asset manager: $2 trillion in assets

Fidelity Management & Research 237,208 $104,253,000

BlackRock Institutional                  203,938 $89,631,000
   ***  World's largest asset manager; also owns 4.7 M shares NY Times

OppenheimerFunds, Inc.                  153,032        $67,258,000

IVA Worldwide Fund                     150,041       $65,943,000

Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLC        136,317   $59,911,000

Gardner Russo & Gardner                134,968            $59,318,000
    ** Financial Planning Consultants

Mellon Capital Management Corp.       114,232        $50,205,000

JPMorgan Private Bank (United States)  108,647   $47,750,000
   ** Jamie Dimon's company; the scumbag who lost $2B in May '12

Ariel Investments, LLC                108,384   $47,635,000

Last is Gannett -- it owns USA Today and local newspapers & TV stations in 37 US states including the Detroit Free Press, Indianapolis Star and Cincinnati Inquirer

Full list found here:

So who are Gannett's biggest investors? You'll find some recognizable names...
** All statistics as of 12/31/2010

           Top Investors                            Shares Held       Shares Value

JP Morgan Asset Management               21,915,328   $330,702,000

    ** Run by scumbag CEO Jamie Dimon; holds 9.5% of all Gannett stocks; also holds over 108k shares in Washington Post stock

AllianceBernstein L.P.                      16,919,720   $255,319,000

Ariel Investments, LLC                      14,583,208          $220,061,000
    **  Also holds 108k shares in Washington Post stock holdings

Vanguard Group, Inc.                        12,852,238   $193,940,000
    ** Holds 281k shares in Wash. Post stock & 5.6M shares in NY Times

Alden Global Capital Ltd.                   9,337,262   $140,899,000

BlackRock Institutional                           8,187,019        $123,542,000
    ** World's largest asset manager; also owns 4.7 M shares NY Times and about 204k shares in Wash Post

State Street Global Advisors (US) 7,835,032   $118,231,000

Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC       7,664,288   $115,654,000
   ** Swiss Bank
~ The Tennessean: one of many Gannett owned media

Goldman Sachs Financial Markets LP      7,500,622          $113,184,000
  **  King of the Scum; also owns 2.4M shares of NY Times

LSV Asset Management                           7,486,120          $112,966,000

Invesco Advisers, Inc.                              6,855,227        $103,445,000

Optimum Investment Advisors, LLC         5,893,572          $88,934,000
    ** Also owns a whopping 10.7 M shares worth $105M of New York Times stock, the newspaper's largest holder

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (US)        5,183,449          $78,218,000
   **  Another immoral bunch of dirtballs...

Aston/Optimum Mid Cap Fund                   4,530,300     $68,362,000

Sorry to belabor a point, but This is why the media does such a piss-poor job of truly informing people as to what's going on in the US economy, why the lie 'recovery' is pushed so hard, and why tens of millions of people are utterly brainwashed daily into believing the financial sector is good, with its success meaning America's success...
~ All Gannett owned entities

You can also see why almost everything in this country is 'too big to fail'.. everything intertwined like cancer and disease in a 'host' i.e. America.  Kill the cancer, kill the host... or do nothing and watch the cancer kill the host slowly...

Bad choices all around.

All media have agenda.. ALL.  And rather than one wealthy magnate influencing and molding popular opinion like William Randolph Hearst in the early-mid 20th century and to a lesser extent, Rupert Murdoch today,  agenda is now molded by the stockholders.

Just like a politician is likely to push laws onto the books that represent his/her biggest campaign donors, newspapers will push ideologies that are the most friendly and agreeable to their shareholders.

And that's why lists such as this matter