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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cheers Italia- per un giorno (Cheers Italy- for one day)

Yesterday for dinner I cooked up some angel hair pasta and meatballs in tomato & burgundy wine sauce with some garlic rolls on the side.

It was quite a delish dish to be sure..

Of course, I did this not simply for the urge for an Italian meal last night, but to celebrate and toast them for their recent election results..

More specifically to symbolically say 'Thankyou' for making US investors feel jittery and causing the Dow to drop over 200 pts.

While it would be most lovely if this was the start of a continuing trend, we are just conditioned by Pavlov dogs by now to expect the market to perpetually, eternally rise with maybe a brief hiccup once in a blue moon.
Still, it was very refreshing to read the following:

"Italian voters look to have handed investors what they dreaded most: gridlock. As two days of parliamentary voting ended on Monday, exit polls suggested that former Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s forces had picked up enough Senate seats to block Pier Luigi Bersani’s center-left coalition from maintaining the budgetary rigor of outgoing Premier Mario Monti...

“A hung parliament would be a guarantee of stillness,” analyst Annalisa Piazza of Newedge Group in London, said in an e-mail. “Such a scenario would be the worst-case outlook.”

Italian stocks and bonds... plunged on news of Berlusconi’s strong showing in the Senate. The euro currency erased early gains against the dollar, as markets worldwide anxiously awaited a final vote tally, which may not come until tomorrow.  The more the results come in, the more the fear grows that Italy will become ungovernable..."  (AP)

~ Stupendo!  (Wonderful)
Can't say it enough, so guess I will again:  The global markets are strengthening because of currency manipulation and a concerted, intentional effort to divert as much capital as humanly possible into the various global banks and stock trading floors.

The US is doing it.. Europe too.. Japan most certainly.. Everyone.

It is all to appease investors so their profits rise and to entice them to continue being inclined  into purchasing sovereign debts i.e. government bonds.  The populaces of the US, Europe, Japan, etc.. do not benefit at all from this..

The corporate media in collusion with Wall St. tell you different.

Here's a way to think of it:  Remember the diagram one was taught in elementary school as to how photosynthesis works?  Here, I have it below to refresh the memory...
And when we as human beings exhale or breathe out the clean oxygen, we create carbon dioxide which then gets absorbed back and made into fresh oxygen and so on..  

Its a continual cycle.

Now, let's say that could be diverted..  Let's say the sun wants that oxygen so instead of it going into the atmosphere where every living thing can benefit, a vast majority is being diverted and transported out of the planet toward the sun

What would happen?  We'd all be gasping and suffering all the ill-effects of oxygen depletion.   Would the sun care?  Not if it was personified to take the mindset of professional Investors..  The sun would say 'I am more important.. my needs come first and be lucky you're getting any air at all'

This is the current post-2008 crash global stock market.
Yes its always been corrupt and manipulative; full of greedy, soulless sociopaths who can not motivate themselves to wake up in the morning unless to make profit and take from others...

But at no time in human history has world governments in collusion worked so hard and efficiently to take from the people i.e. future debt to be repaid and give it to the markets & so openly.

Since 2008, the Fed has spent $4 Trillion.

This does not count the increased debt loads the government itself is taking on to run since it refuses to adequately raise taxes on the wealthy, Especially those who make their profit solely from stock dividends.

So its pretty messed up, yes...

And its why anything to cause a negative jolt to the market should be celebrated..  Its like rooting for a perpetually terrible sports team-- you take the little victories wherever you can.
I still expect the market to drop dramatically-- it won't take much either.  Perhaps some major corporation taking a bit too much profit from Wall St and starting a panic..  Or some other little jolt that triggers a margin call that investors big and small can't repay..

Or maybe Greece or Italy or Spain will have the guts to officially default and leave the euro... Or something happens to cause it all to unravel quicker than the global central banks can prop it up..

Who knows..

But I do know that cliches, maxims and old sayings are said for a reason..

'The taller the tree, the harder the fall'

'What goes up, Must come down'
So Italy... if you keep causing the markets to jitter and panic, and you succeed in causing the US & global markets to drop dramatically down to where it Should be based on a true barometer of the US economy, I will honor your nation by eating something I never have eaten before..

Calamari (yes.. squid)

But if you don't come through Italia, I'm cutting up all my Mario Lanza and Luciano Pavarotti CDs..

So you can see-- the stakes really can't get much higher..  ~grins