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Monday, February 4, 2013

What makes America Great (Hint: It sure isn't the Super Bowl)

~ Beyonce: Halftime Act and Official corporate whore of Super Bowl 47

Most people hate Mondays and we can understand why, but there' one particular Monday we look forward to at A&G more than any other and that's today:

Post Super Bowl Monday.

That's because we hate the Super Bowl with big ol' capital letters.  Hate it like turkeys hate Thanksgiving...

Not necessarily the game that is actually played but all the nonsense that surrounds it.  The Super Bowl is the annual celebration of America; Greedy and Gluttonous.

Can't imagine any other event outside of Christmas that forces so many merchants to change the event's name in its marketing.  However the Christmas change to 'Seasons Greetings' is due to cowardice of PC sensitivities..  The 'Super Bowl to 'Big Game' is due to fear of NFL lawsuits.
So much we hate about the event-- from the fact its so corporate, meaning the vast majority of the seats to the event are held by the companies advertising which is why individual seats cost hundreds to thousands of dollars..

All those corporate parties and shindigs-- one tent after another; mostly private but occasionally public events, all to celebrate themselves as #1 and the overall suffocating dominance of 'Corporation' upon the world we inhabit..

Most of all, we hate the cacophony of mindless advertising which plays upon either stupidity, sappiness or sex to sell shit that we don't need with real money we mostly don't possess-- all the while watching one celeb after another (some we actually respected like Willem Defoe) sell-out any last shred of credibility for the most money for the least amount of effort.

Yes, Yes.. we know.. You'd take $1million to say 5 words in a commercial any day of the week.. Completely natural-- that would take most individuals on average 15-25 years of working a full-time job to achieve.

Problem is, no one is offering that to you or we-- That $$ is going to people like LeBron James who already has $50-$100 mil. in his bank account and outright, filthy scum like Kim Kardashian.
A quick side note on her-- does anyone really Truly know or remember how this talentless fake nothing of a person originally broke into the national conscious?   We'll tell you...

She used to be a hanger-on 'friend' of that insipidly classless and vapid Paris Hilton.   You know, like when someone walks into a club with a posse of four or five others....  Kim would be person #4.  Paris was already somewhat well known from a silly Fox TV series but what made her a household name was the accidental (it was really intentional) release of porn tape.

Kim saw how massively that incident propelled Paris into the public awareness, so she followed suit..

She and her boyfriend at the time videotaped them having sex and then it purposely (Kim claims 'accidentally') circulated out into the public with the connection that this trash was Paris' friend and the daughter of Robert Kardashian, one of the attorneys who helped OJ get away with the infamous 1994 double-murder of his wife and her friend..
~ Kids, this is how you become famous in the 21st century...

The rest is history.. a family of disgusting, shallow people making every dollar possible off a fame that is based on absolutely nothing real..  Gotta love America.

But we digressed in a major way...

Overall, the Super Bowl is meaningless, trivial and utterly forgettable.  Its a gigantic, enormous ultra-expensive celebration of the moment; the Now.   Any happy 'buzz' felt from the event always tends to evaporate mere moments after its over, unless you actually cared about the game and your home team won.

But we hate the Super Bowl most because people connect it to a perverted patriotism as to what makes America great.  The stock market is the same...  For all the money this nation spends on education annually its continually shocking how clueless most are...
Here's just a short list of what makes America Truly great (and trust us, if given the time, we could have come up with a Very lengthy list of all about our nation that is wonderful):

1)  Our Spirit -- Overall, we're not a nation of quitters. Its in our national DNA to deal with adversities and set backs by getting up, dusting ourselves off and trying again

2)  Our work ethic -- Give us jobs that motivate and challenge us (not speaking of waitressing and fast food jobs) and we will work hard to be the best and take great pride in our successes while instilling that sense of accomplishment in our young

3)  Our Faith --  America is a nation of faith; of all different religious beliefs.  But the common thread is a belief in something bigger than ourselves which grounds us and keeps us modest to a certain extent.  And while this may not be as strong as it once was due to too many factors to go into presently, it is the belief in a higher power which has made us strive to do better things than we might otherwise.
4) Our Sense of Community --  This also has been tested over the last couple generations as families are spread from coast to coast.  But when there's adversity.. when others seek to do us harm, it is amazing how pretty much 315 million people over thousands of miles distance can unite so quickly and passionately in defense

5) Our political freedoms -- We may have a deeply flawed government with one inferior President after another but at our core is a genuinely beautiful document called the Constitution which protects rights that others may want to infringe upon and give sincere hope in people that no matter how bad things may be, perhaps all can change for the better by the next election

These and many, many other principles are what makes America a Great nation--

And if you sincerely believe what makes America great is a contrived hullabaloo like the Super Bowl where the rich get richer while laughing in our collective faces, or the Deep-Seeded Evil which is the stock market, well forgive us for such bluntness, but you're simply lost.