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Friday, February 8, 2013

Why the Peanuts' Football Cartoon is So (Sadly) True

When one is a small child, they will read the Sunday comics or 'funnies' and will usually find something to laugh at because it seems silly, goofy or absurd. That always makes for the best humor where small children are concerned.

Then when one reaches teenage years, there tends to be really nothing funny about those same comics-- they seem stale, tired and preposterous.  If this age range retains a love for comics, it elevates to comic books and graphic novels.

Young adults.. the 18-25 crowd..they're pretty much like the teenagers except most tend to grow up and put their comic books away and seek out things that matter.

But when one becomes a true adult.. 25yrs of age and up and understands the world better, then those same comics read as a little boy or girl become funny again..  they resonate.. there's an eternal truth to the absurdity and repetition which younger people simply aren't able to see.
As we were reading on the economy today and various headlines of the past couple weeks, the famous Peanuts cartoon of Lucy holding the football while Charlie Brown tries to kick it, came to mind.

Poor Charlie Brown-- that simpleton..  that poor, simple-minded moron dope idiot...  Always trusting that Lucy..  no matter what she said.. what she promised..  He wanted to believe so badly the ball wouldn't be pulled away that last moment; all excuses for the past forgiven.

The quintessential representation of American citizen where 'Lucy' represents with uncanny accuracy the US Government...

How else to explain headlines like this:

Americans Are Using Their Homes as ATMs, Again (CNBC)

Optimism About Economy Sends Stocks to Multiyear Highs (Reuters)

Individual Investors Help Drive Stock Surge (AP)
No one wishes to admit or acknowledge the undeniable FACT that that economic 'football' is going to be pulled away Again!  The end result of that 'kick' is wished and dreamt too deeply.. And few to none wish to give respect or credence towards those who warn of it..

And no matter how many times its been done.. or how often you prepare for it in your mind, when the ball is pulled and you fall flat on your Ass, it will hurt Badly.

Body.. spirit.. pride.. finances.

If the famous Peanuts cartoon was representative of the few who do "Get It", Charlie Brown would get up, dust himself off then punch the living tar out of Lucy until she was a messy pulp and say, "If you Fuck around with that football again, I'm really going to be make you suffer!"

Translated to the real world, if the few that 'get it' could take the US govt by the proverbial scruff of the neck, there would be a constant threat of protest and social disorder along with the outward show of distrust deserving of government and the Fed.
The populace would rise up and say, "No More!!  You can not play us for fools with 'confidence begets confidence' games and other minimalist government actions to make the economy grow via  imaginary means...

We the people. the great populace Demand you Work; that you scoundrels concoct actual policy that creates jobs and stimulate sustainable growth without shell game parlor tricks or Fed malfeasance.

In a perfect world, "Lucy" would be Scared to Death of "Charlie Brown" and his reaction because he'd be way past the point of civil obedience or tolerance..

In reality, "Lucy" laughs and thinks, "Charlie Brown-- you're one God Damned Loser.. Always going to be...  So now here's the football again... kick it!"

Yes-- that is Exactly how your government sees you and its how most really really don't care how their perceived