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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why We (Don't) Fight

People..  We just can't figure them out..

Oh we try and try..and try some more.. and..  Nope- nothing.

Can't figure out why people don't rebel.. don't fight..  Literally.

Maybe they think the system really cares about them and is working for their ultimate benefit... Or they buy into that whole Patriotism & 'Nationality' bit

Maybe they're just scared...

Of losing one's life?  One's freedom..

No, its not that..  Not for most anyways..
For instance, many people take and sell drugs full well knowing its bad for them and illegal and ultimately will wind them up in jail or worse...   And yet ultimately they're not afraid of the judicial consequences because of something 'bigger'..

No we're not glorifying druggies.. but explaining them..

They lack levels of fear most "normal" people possess.

For example, the fear of losing one's possessions..   The house.. the car.. the plasma TV..  Most druggies-- by the time they're at the "Fuck it!" stage, they've already sold off most if not all these things for the sake of their continual fix.

Normal people.. we will work n' work and will perhaps even fight a burglar and possibly die fighting.. All to protect those possessions.

But not fight what controls us- not if it means possessions taken.
But this posting is not about admiring druggies or their addictions..

Its about acceptance.

Its a bit discomforting for others to talk and read about Americans and what they should do vs what they are doing

So let's take a lovely little trip to Europe.. specifically Spain.

Here's the straight 'dope' on that nation:
From the Spanish Newspaper 'El Pais' translated into English:

"Spain’s unemployment rate hit 26% in December, leaving 5.97 million people unemployed, up from 5.27 million when (Prime Minister) Rajoy took office in late 2011. Youth unemployment surged to 55.1%.

 And on Monday, more bad news: the number of people receiving unemployment compensation jumped in January to the historic high of 4.98 million—up from 2 million in 2007. And the number of employed people dropped by 263,243...The labor market begins the year with the destruction of 8,500 jobs per day.”

Spain's total population is 40.5 Million people.

So if the forces that be prevent us from asking the difficult questions introspectively, we can certainly ask freely why the people of Spain take it?  Why do they not storm their government and demand immediate redress?
Is it pride?  Is it Catholic faith? A fear of a goon armed to the teeth in combat fatigue bopping them with big batons?  Or is it the 4.98 million receiving financial handouts in exchange for keeping quiet on the problems?

The French Revolution was certainly sparked over less than what's going on in Spain, much less in Greece..  Goodness knows the American one was.

Last year, riots occurred through England sparked by police shooting and killing an unarmed teen sitting in his car.  But while that was the catalyst, the real Mmmff!!  was economic.

And when the government had put down the quell and successfully convinced English TV-land that it was the work of 'monsters' and 'hooligans', the government decided to do something "Brilliant!" as they like to say-- Any parent of any youth arrested who was receiving government benefit or 'on the dole' had 100% of such assistance taken away.

The message: We the government control you.. We starved you into submission... Now you accept our handouts.. So you best behave like good 'ones or we'll starve you again.. ~Tap-Tap on the head"
Really no different here...

So that's pretty much the 21st century man and woman-- We really don't know how to fend for ourselves outside of the apparatus of the system... Don't know how to hunt food.. kill it.. cook it..  Don't know how to build adequate shelter.. To make clothing from scratch.. Nor wash it without the machine...

We really don't know how to do much of anything--

For all the education and supposed skills we think we possess after 17 years of schooling from Kindergarten to College Degree, the vast majority of us can only survive and generate wages if others Create the job opportunities and thus control our collective spirits each workday for that tax-reduced pay stub.

We do know how to shop and spend... we know how to watch TV and change a remote..  And God, we as a society sure do know A Lot about sports, entertainment and other escapism, don't we...
So if you take away things we know and control, we become frantic..

And ultimately docile.

Take away things we don't value or previously possess...  Ehh~ (shrug)

People will tolerate quite a bit when they can put food in their bellies..  Corrupt government..  Scoundrel politicians..  Multi-Millionaires who do not deserve their wealth based on the mere ability to put a ball in a hoop or to cry on a director's cue, much less the non-stop ads they appear in...

Put them in Hurricane Sandy-like conditions for more than 24 hours and the natural survival instincts begin to kick in, and the affairs of whores like Kim Kardashian and other reality pseudo-'stars' doesn't seem to matter as much.
We'll end today's post with a maxim once told...

Q: 'What is the difference between a free-spirited 'wild' dog in full control of itself and a 'broken' tame dog under the control of another?

A:  Just about 1 box of dog biscuits handed out... Nothing more.