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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Before the fall, Humpty Dumpty Dow once sat on a Wall..

Been a super-busy Tuesday for us at A&G so we'll keep this post short n' sweet..

This celebration of the Dow reaching new record highs..  well- its really bullshit.  No other way to say it... Well, I guess we could have said 'dung', 'poop' or some other cutesy word but the word we chose just seemed to fit..

A bearded piece of human garbage named Ben Bernanke who only cares about ensuring the top 1% make as much $$ as humanly possible (and who so few Americans even know who this cancer is) has spent over $3 Trillion dollars since March 2009 to make this happen.  

Here's the real deal: "Americans sold more stocks than they bought for a fifth straight year in 2012, despite unprecedented efforts by the Federal Reserve to juice the market and encourage investment. Americans have sold hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of stock , the first time on record that's happened during a sustained bull market. The market rise has been powered by companies buying their own stock... (AP)

So in other words, this market has only helped the financial elite...

"Wages are stagnant and incomes are shrinking.  The weak job market is limiting pay. With so many applicants to choose among, employers need not compete for workers by boosting salaries.

Hourly wages increased 2.1 percent last year, barely enough to keep up with inflation. Median household incomes fell 4.8 percent between June 2009 and June 2012, after adjusting for inflation..

Nearly 80 percent of working Americans are taking home less pay this year because of a (Social Security) tax hike that took effect on Jan. 1... the rate increased this year to 6.2 percent from 4.2 percent" (AP)

To give perspective how much $$ has been utterly pissed away to create this faux achievement, the total outstanding debt of all US citizens-- this is mortgage, student loans, credit cards, etc..   The total debt load is $2.89 Trillion.

Every single American citizen.. man and woman, black and white, young and old could be 100% completely, totally debt free if the $$ was spent to that purpose..

Instead you get a meaningless number... 14 thousand, blah blah...
And, oh yeah, here's the real ass-kicker:

Since the last time the Dow was over 14,000 in October, 2007 the US dollar has depreciated 12%.  That means the dollar had 12% more purchasing power then vs now...

So really you need to take that 14 thousand, blah blah and multiply by 1.12

That equals roughly 16 thousand, blah blah..

That is what the stock market needs to get to for all the bastards who have all their precious $$ tied into  this fixed, rotten, stench-ridden stock market to truly recoup their financial positions of 5.5 years ago...

Investing is not work.. it make take work but its not work.  
People who invest create Nothing.. they contribute Nothing..

And you have a nation who bends over backward to cater to them..

But sometimes to find hope, one has to look at nursery rhymes... 

And when this Humpty Dumpty of a manipulated market crashes down in due time, all the Fed Chair's horses and all the Fed Chair's men will be unable to put together all the greedy's Investors' portfolio 'pieces' back together again.