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Friday, March 1, 2013

Sequester isn't so bad...No, really it isn't..

The big word on everyone's lips today is "Sequester", as in $85bil in budgetary cuts to automatically kick in today, March 1st..

The only thing our lips can seem to do is make a big Yawnnn!

First off, we don't trust politicians as far as we can wee-wee on them so until it officially commences, we never can shake the dread that the two sides will come together, give each other's tallywackers a nice 'Yank' or two and reach a temporary compromise to avert it for another month or so...

And as you can tell, we want the Sequestration.

Huh?!  Wha-Wha What?
First, cuts have to be made somewhere... unfortunately its not the top 1% feeling them but there's been no popular groundswell or pounding of pavements with pitchforks that the richest feel the pain... SO... well.. here we are..

Also, we have been consistent in previous postings that we do not want to see cuts to Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid.  They would be extremely harmful and set a terrible precedent for future budgetary negotiations with the congressional Republicans.

Well, this $85Bil cut pretty much leaves those areas alone.

Now cuts have to be made somewhere-- the Defense budget will be taking a shellacking but unless we're preparing to invade a couple more nations in the near future for sport, it has to be cut back in some way.  As it is, we spend more on the military than the rest of the world Combined..
Also, if this sequester cuts cause the market to seriously drop then good!  Those Fuckers.. pardon our Haitian..  Greedy soulless vermin filth Investors profiting daily over the continual demise of this once great nation.. Can these Bastards ever take a loss Ever??  Really..  Can they??

So many small time inconsequential mom & pop investors suckered, snookered or steered in this foul cesspool stench of a manipulated stock market... All desperate to try to make every little dollar they can in investment return while the Big Boys make far more than that off the collective pool, then secretly know when to get out long before the common folk...

Happens again and again... gotta read your history books boys n' gals..

Its all about confidence in the economy.. 'confidence' game.. con..

Gotta get you and we and Simon Legree into believing all is well.. then we'll just magically open up our collective purses and wallets and credit cards, and spend and charge like it was 1999 again (assuming we have the actual wealth or credit line to do this)
So what's the does it go?  Oh yes...

And then the pistons will fire up and the wheels will turn and equally magically, employers will start hiring again.. in droves!  And it will be such an awe-inspiring testament to America and its people... A self-sustaining economy where the President and Congress did not have to do a G-d Damn thing to fix the economy on their own...

Just get the Fed to do the dirty work while propaganda pushes 'recovery' till we all accept willingly or are beaten down.

That's how past recessions were dealt with-- con games.  Play with interest rates a little bit..  Pump some money into the markets... and Ta-Da.   Usually this would take 3-9mths to see an effect.

Of course we're not in a recession but a small-d 'depression' but don't tell that to the powerful-- they would have to actually do something different..  Like heaven forbid, implement economic policy that benefits the bottom 99% while leaving the top 1% out in the cold..  Tsk Tsk..

So if the market drops, Lovely!  We all know Monday it will rise anyways..

Its all so funny and sad...

This was supposed to be resolved by Dec 31, 2012 but got can kicked.. everyone knew for months that March 1st would ultimately come on the calendar and yet all this faux shock and surprise...


Also funny/sad how media outlets are playing up how supposedly horrible it is --how many will feel the cuts, etc...  One newspaper we read focused on poor children who would starve or be near starvation as a result...
Such BS!  Here's the cold hard truth on that-- if a child is starving, its because 9 times out of 10, their piece of shit mother (starving children usually come from single parent homes and its the Daddy who flees) are spending their welfare checks on things other than necessities.

A pack of cigarettes cost on average $5.25 -- that's just about equivalent to a large jar of peanut butter, jelly and a 2 loaves of bread at a discount supermarket like Aldi or Bottom Dollar.     That's enough to provide lunch to  2 children for 7 days.

Stores like the above mentioned sell a dozen eggs for 89cents, which is usually 33% less than most supermarkets... That equals 3 cooked meals for 2 people.  They also sell large boxes of generic cereal for about $2..  Ramen noodle soup which isn't super nutritious but still is food, cost 18cents per pack..etc..

We know this because we at times shop at places like this and no, not because we're poor.. Far from it.. The food is good quality and who doesn't like to save money when possible?
So for many children, their bellies wouldn't be so hungry if their worthless mothers didn't buy so many cigarettes and alcohol, much less other wasted frivolities.  So many selfish parents out there who don't deserve the title...

Ultimately the best part of today if it truly goes through, is that maybe.. just Maybe people will wake up and stop assuming all will be well.  Stop assuming agreements will be made at the last moment... Stop assuming government will protect you..

And get off your collective 'arses' and take preventive steps based on what the situation is so that you and yours are in the best position to ride out whatever discomforts will be coming down the pike due to  an incompetent government that causes more pain and hardship upon its populace than it addresses.

But then again-- who knows, maybe some can kick agreement will be in place by 5p today and all the lazy lollygaggers will be proven right once more..   We'll see

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