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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How much $$ Truly is the $85Bil the Fed keeps throwing away?

$85 Billion is such a vast number.. really incomprehensible to picture.

The human mind is just not capable of picturing it; Th mind can not picture 85 individual and distinct 'things' at one time, much less 85 billion..

We've tried on a couple occasions to explain just how much precious money is being pissed away by that EVIL Federal Reserve to benefit that equally Evil stock market...

For instance, mathematically, $85 billion which is what QE4 and 5 equal... well,  when broken down into time fragments, it comes to just under $2 million spent per minute based on a 30 month day..

So let's try to put it into better perspective without risking inundating you with stats that simply blend into one another without meaning...
* When breaking $85 billion into measurement of seconds, based on a 30 day month, each second the Fed artificially inflates the stock market by $32,793.20

Now a person making minimum wage at $7.25/hr and working 40hrs a week will earn $15,080 over a 52 week year.

Thus, the Fed will spend in one second, the equivalent of 2 minimum wage workers' yearly salaries.
* LeBron James, arguably the best player in the NBA currently makes an annual salary of $17,545,000, which comes to a little under $214k for each NBA regular season game.

It will take the Fed just under 9.5 minutes to spend that amount.   That's less time than one regulation NBA quarter (12 minutes)

In fact, if you add up the total salary expenditures of All 30 NBA franchises for the 2012-13 season, it comes to around $22 Billion, which is around 28% of the monthly spending by the Fed

Remember, every dollar the Fed spends is created from thin air, printed and distributed and becomes public debt which all Americans are ultimately on the hook to repay.
*  According to the CIA World Factbook, Iceland, an island nation in Europe with 103k square miles of land and a population of just over 315k people has a Total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $12.95 billion...

After a little over 4 and a half days of continual spending, the Fed would reach $12.95B then surpass it.   That's less than 5 days to surpass the total yearly GDP of a soverign nation...

*  There are currently 14...Yes, Fourteen US states with total yearly GDP under $85 billion.  For all the businesses, jobs and other means of taxable revenue, they generate LESS in a full calendar year than what that Bastard Ben Bernanke is spending to make investors wealthier...

Those 14 states are:

Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

And remember, $85 billion is Monthly..
*  In 2012, luxury car manufacturer Mercedes Benz generated worldwide sales equaling 61.6 Billion Euros which when using a currency calculator from Euros to Dollars, equals just about $79.3 Billion in  Total revenue...

That's a major international corporation selling automobiles that price as high as $200k+  for the most wealthy, discriminate shoppers...

And in a Full year's time, they made less money than the Federal Reserve is spending in a month... a differencial of $6 billion.

~ We could present more stats but what we did present is quite sufficient..
Simply think about it.. When put into perspective, its horrible and so destructive to the well-being of this nation, but no one, even the President can stop it even if he wanted to (and honestly, who knows if he does...)

The Fed is more dangerous to the well-being and survival of this nation than any foreign foe... yes, even North Korea... And if you don't understand that by now, then reach around, give your butt a nice 'Spankk' and re-read this post.