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Monday, April 29, 2013

Taking a stand- Avoiding sales tax wherever possible

It is looking more and more like some kind of Internet sales tax bill will be passed next week, which is quite a hideous and sadistic piece of legislation..

You will hear a lot of bullshit about 'fairness' but its nothing to do with it...

Corporations have already crushed to death local brick and mortar merchants because they can't match the retail prices which Wal-Mart and Target-type chains can sell at since those major chains can acquire items at large bulk which drives down the wholesale prices.
But corporations could never benefit from the zero sales-tax policy of the Internet because they had footholds in every state which forced them to collect taxes.  So this gave advantage to Amazon and internet business i.e.  individuals and small businesses that could sell products without overhead and through secondary outlets such as eBay auctions.

Amazon turned traitor and became pro-sales tax as it decided it was more advantageous to get tax breaks and open distribution centers in numerous states in exchange for collecting sales tax vs fighting the system and the Greedy state politicians.

So what's the best way for corporations to crush and decimate upstart private internet businesses?

Make them collect sales tax too.
Of course when you take into consideration most corporations get either discounted tax rates on property and revenue and are allowed to keep a percentage of sales tax if turned in early, they're already at an advantage.

Now take a small merchant barely generating enough extra $ to supplement income, make that person charge sales tax along with shipping and you've practically discouraged shoppers from buying unless that vendor is selling their item at dramatically low cost.

And if its via auctions, the seller has to also pay eBay and PayPal fees..

Yep, those fucking bastards in Congress and White House including that GD President who supports this legislation are going to Destroy Internet commerce forever and seriously hurt the ability of many struggling people to stay afloat, all under the guise of 'fairness'
And if you don't like our tone or language... Tough Nuggies

Flat taxes are the most egregiously unjust form of taxation there is...

Example:  Two people buy $500 television sets at a store.  One person makes $1700/mo.. another makes $ 1700/wk   The tax on the TV based on 6% comes to $30.

Who feels the pain of that extra $30 in sales tax more.. the person making $1700/month ($20,400/yr) or the person making $1700/wk ($88,400/yr)?  And don't even Dare to say the person making $1700/month  does not deserve to be able to buy a $500 TV...
So.. if you're as Furious about this as we are, the question remains 'What to do'?   How to beat the system? Most of the time we have no option.. states have got us via wage and property taxes and drivers licenses and plate fees... But they don't have to control us when it comes to basic goods and service.

The key is to know which states close to you in driving distance do not charge sales tax and on what items is it excluded...

Currently there are 5 states that do not charge sales tax on products and services:

Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.
This does not count restaurants, hotels, car rentals, etc and we can not promise that local jurisdictions do not add any tax.

But if you want to buy a TV, computer, jewelry, clothing, etc., these 5 states are worth a visit if you are close enough to make a drive practicable.

Or if you know someone who lives in one of those states whom you trust, have him/her buy the items you wish tax-free, then pay the person back along with S&H to have the item(s) mailed to you... even with shipping, you may have saved compared to buying locally or with the new Internet tax coming.
Some may rationalize its not worth the cost in gas and time.   That is fine-- to each his/her own.  We at A&G believe in Principle and rather spend a tiny bit extra to take a nice day trip to a tax-free state then pay sales tax which is undeserved!

Most products we buy are made abroad, so the state had absolutely nothing to do with the idea, creation, implementation, packaging, distribution or delivery of the product to which it attaches its grubby 5-9% 'hands'...

If it was someone with slicked back hair, a black pinstripe suit and Don Corleone-like voice making the demand, it would be the Mafia.  Instead its people with phony smiles and sociopathic tendencies called elected officials demanding a cut based on Nothing!
Now if you don't live near any of those 5 states, you still can save some money when you shop because there are currently 7 states that do not collect sales tax on clothing:

Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont

A couple states like Massachusetts and New York will charge tax if clothing is above a certain amount-- usually in the $150 range.  Just need to do research and see what specific laws apply.

Many states also charge no sales tax on food.  Some are broad and there's zero tax on any food.  Other states will not tax anything un-prepared (for example, ready to eat rotisserie chickens would be taxed)  Other states only are tax free on essentials like bread, milk, unprepared meat, etc.. but will charge tax for chips, dip and soda pop.
Once again, do research on your state and neighboring states that are of a practical driving distance away.

The best revenge is to dramatically cut back one's purchases.. deprive the states of revenue altogether for being so petty on Internet shopping.  But we know people won't do  it.. Its that naughty 'self-sacrifice' thing... too foreign a word for most...

We at A&G simply refuse to take it.   Used to pay $79 yearly to Amazon for Amazon Prime to get orders sent with free 2 day delivery but then they charged sales tax and we didn't renew.    Used to buy A Lot from them.. In last 12 months, we only purchased 2 items that didn't come from secondary merchants.

We Refuse to pay that GD sales tax as much as possble...  Refuse...
We live in a state with many toll roads.  We Refuse to pay it.  So unless its an emergency or too great a difficulty, we always seek out non-Turnpike and Expressway alternate routes.   Maybe the drive is a couple minutes longer but the state does Not get our $$.

Refuse to give a penny of our money to government which we don't have to!

We wish others would be as pissed off and Refuse as well.

Alright, so now this Internet tax nonsense..  OK.. fine..

We won't order anything on the Internet at all unless the price is dramatically less or its by necessity.  And we will travel the necessary distance and do what is needed to be done to acquire the goods we wish without sales tax added to our purchases.
And if more people possessed the 'Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take it Anymore!" Mindset, and truly acted upon it in non-violent civilly disobedient ways, then Government would not have the courage to pass nonsense like taxing online purchases.

Only two ways government listens to its people folks: 1) When the people 'squeak' loud enough, they will receive the proverbial 'grease' and 2) When government truly Fears the populace,it works to placate them...

Otherwise its all lobsters in pots...