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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Challenge of Finding Reliable Info on the Economy Amid the Hate

Probably the most difficult aspect of putting this site together is compiling information that is factual and truthful while sifting through the news sources' corporate and/or personal biases.

Trust us, its not an easy task..

Everyone has a bias.. Even we at A&G..

Of course we acknowledge ours upfront and transparently..  We are anti-banks & bank bailouts, anti-artificially inflated stock market and Deeply anti-Federal Reserve.  We resent the continual Lie that a recovery is taking place because unless you're in the top 1%, there is None to be found.

So that's the perspective we write with.. Agree or not.. Like us or not, you know what you're getting...

And our hatred does not extend to any groups or typical scapegoats..
When you get economic information from corporate news, its mostly rosy.  Even when its negative, its positive.

Touching briefly on this, its mainly because corporate media are all invested in the stock market and the 'System' so perpetuating the belief of an improved economy helps them dramatically.

Let's compare some media outlets-- their stock share values today vs exactly four years ago when QE1 had just begun...

New York Times --  April 3, 2009: $5.41      Today:  $9.28
     ~  When the market crashed in mid Sept, 2008, they were trading at $15.10/share

Viacom (CBS) --   April 3, 2009: $20.38     Today:  $63.20
    ~  They also own MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, BET, Comedy Central,etc...
News Corp (Fox News) --  April 3, 2009: $7.82      Today:  $30.87
    ~  They also own FOX, FX, Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, etc...

Time Warner (CNN) --  April 3, 2009: $22.24     Today:  $58.39
Look at those before and after values..  Look at them!

In terms of TV news, those corporations have all Tripled in value in four years... Do you really Think for a Second the big wigs are going too allow their news divisions to screw up their profits by reporting anything truthful??
Of course a secondary reason so little is reported factual and honest is because there's so few reporters nowadays.  Instead you have news regurgitators.    AP or Reuters reports "The Dow went up X points based on 'blah-blah'.. "

Okee dokee-- good enough.. Re-print it!

Now we do find very good information that's reliable and truthful...  The problem is that often they have agenda biases and/or bigoted hatreds that just make some of them plain wacky!

Take Russia Today..  For those not aware, they're a 24hr news channel that is like Al Jazeera that appeals to niche viewers.
Now when it comes to covering the US economy, they've done a masterful job overall... They are the only media outlet that have actually interviewed people as they are being foreclosed upon and evicted by local sheriffs...  Showing people living out of their cars and in tent cities..  The emotional and real impact of having no hope...

The corporate media won't touch these topics with a 10ft microphone.

Problem is, when it comes to covering other topics, RT is deeply biased and bigoted, especially against Israel.   It definitely brings out all the sickos.

A few days ago, there was an article on their Facebook page about Israel and the Palestinians.. The headline was very biased and highly skewed against Israel.    Below it were literally hundreds of responses from FB followers of the most vile and quite infantile anti-semitic nature..

So offensive yet pathetic, we won't repeat any here..
RT made no effort to censor or block them.  We're sure they were pleased to see such a devoted following of the clueless.    And the commenters-- Oh how clever they must have thought they were to give the impression that their passionate defense of Palestinians was sincere...

As if they'd really care about these people if their dispute was with England or with Eskimos..  These are the same hate-filled morons that wanted to see all Muslims dead after 9/11

Oh what a ruse!  The axiom goes like this:  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.   Doesn't get more complex than that..

We always wondered how anyone can hate other people, especially them... so few in number-- there's more people who live in the state of California than the totality of Jewry in all the world..
What did these people do to others to bring out such hate and vitriol anyways?  Deny them a loan?  Turn them down for dates?  Didn't do their taxes correctly?

They never bothered us..   Hard to explain mental sickness.

But we digressed.. We had no choice...

Its a disturbing irony that a lot of valuable and factually backed information we acquire on the US and global economy come from mentally maladjusted people with deep-seeded prejudices and irrational hates.

We're forced to deal with so much nonsense!  Banker cabals.. 'Illuminati'... The Rothchilds.. All that asinine symbolism on the back of a US dollar meaning something deeper than it does...  The conspiracy theorists and survivalists and fear mongerers...
And did we forget the clever-clever anti-semites who think by only expressing hatred for the state of 'Israel' or those 'Zionists' (how mysterious and deviant does that word sound, yes..) that they're not giving away the fact they hate every man, woman and child of that religious faith?

Its quite a nauseating, putrid ordeal!

So we do what we must-- we sift through all the crap and nonsense...

We take nuggets of sanity then sanitize ourselves of the wretchedness as best as sane people can..

What other choice is there--  corporate media lies or truth wrapped in a national-socialist bow?  NO-  we never accept either/or... There is Always other options... Always Option C.
That's us.. We tell the truth on the US economy and globally as things really stand and outside of the Fed, bankers and Investors, we hate no one...

And to be clear, we hate them no matter their color, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

Evil is Evil..

People would rather pick on scapegoats then fight the Power.  They rather acquire quick, easy answers to their predicament then ask the right questions and seek those answers out.. Its so much easier to be a follower; part of the sheep than to be the sheep dog; the leader...
This is the biggest lesson of the 1930s and its so sad to see things repeating because the primal commonness of man and woman continually suffocates his or her potential to be exceptional.

1 Corinthians 10:31-32  --  "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. Give none offence, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles, nor to the church of God"

Psst, that means to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, if you have Hatred in your heart for another religion or people, you're probably going to Hell.. So stop doing it..