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Thursday, April 18, 2013

In History: April 18th- "The British are Coming!"

Today's post will be a bit short..

Its been a long, trying week for us all in the wake of Boston so we were looking for something historical to write about for today, April 18th..

We could have reminisced about the Great Earthquake of 1906 which almost destroyed San Francisco or sent Happy Birthday wishes to Conan O'Brien, James Woods and Dr Who's David Tennant..

But why write on irrelevance when the most interesting and somewhat relevant historical event of April 18th was staring us right in the face:
On this date in 1775 in the evening hours, the British advancement against the American colonists by sea begins and perhaps the most famous dentist in US history (as well as silversmith), Paul Revere and other riders warned the countryside, specifically the local militias, of the troop movements for preparation to face the British the next morning.

You remember this from elementary school.. 'One if by land, Two if by sea' and "The British are coming!, The British are coming!"

It will be tomorrow the 19th of April when the Battles of Lexington and Concord (both outside Boston) will commence starting the beginnings of what would ultimately become the great American Revolution.
49 colonists would be killed that day with another 39 injured and 5 missing.. on the British side, 73 killed, 174 wounded and 53 missing

We wish there was a Paul Revere today.. We wish there had been one on Monday the 15th..  And September 11, 2001...  And December 7, 1941...

Either as a specific individual or an entity who could properly warn us before some impending threat to our personal and national safety; who could have said or done something either prevent those bombs from going off or at least to give advanced warning for people to safely clear the area

And like 238 years ago, there are many today who will do whatever it takes to protect their homes and families; their communities from threats both domestic and from those who travel from abroad,,
There is a famous saying: 'History repeats'

Some love to dispute that saying and we concede that change occurs through the span of time- ideology, technology, clothing, etc. making the exact repetition of history impossible..

Yet it does repeat...

Always someone wanting power; to be President or Chancellor, Prime Minister or Premier and will stop at nothing to obtain it...

Always some nation somewhere wanting to fight another; to expand its territory or influence...

Always civilians that get caught in the crossfire.
Always people seeking to be rich; wealthier than they need and forgetting none of it can be brought with them into the afterlife...

Always people exploiting others; using them.. benefiting off their labors and toils; their debts.. Using one another as scapegoats for their faults

And there's always good people who try to live their lives the best they can and weave through all the trickery and traps that governments lay upon their populaces

Ultimately good does triumph over evil even though it seems like such a slow process, bad people die off like rotted, rancid fruit and in the end...

Always in the end...
~ 1942 Puppettoon cartoon in response to the Nazi's occupation of Holland