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Friday, April 19, 2013

Who/What is Sincerely the Biggest threat to All Americans?

As of this writing around noon-time, one suspect in the Boston terror attack has been killed with another on the run...

Good.  The first part we mean..

If it turns out the two suspects were indeed the ones who set those pressure cooker bombs to detonate during the Boston Marathon, they were brothers born in Chechnya, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass., and his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26

From AP:  "The suspects' uncle told the local CBS News station that the pair had lived in the country since 2002. The uncle, when told that one of his nephews was killed, replied that he deserved it. “He deserved his. He absolutely deserved his,” Ruslan Tsarni said. “They do not deserve to live on this earth.”

Not a glowing endorsement is it?
All week we've mourned the casualties-- the dead and wounded, but to be honest about it, at no time whatsoever did we ever fear for the US as a nation.

That's not stated as one of those 'ugly American blaggart' type statements one often hears...Chants of USA! USA! just never felt appropriate in times like this.

But the truth is with all the terrorism in the world; the threats of bombings, shootings and other violence aimed at US soil and insane world leaders flapping their nuclear weapons in the proverbial wind to compensate for small penises...

The truth is there's only one genuine threat to the existence of the United States as a nation, and it isn't not outward...  its inward.
No terrorist act or coordinated acts has the power to take the dollar in my hand devalue it by 10% or 40% or 80%...  

No savage murderer strapped with explosives has the power to weaken the value of currency to the point where it triggers bread to hit $10 or $15 a loaf...  Or to affect the cost of milk, eggs, meat, gasoline..

No jihadist has the means at his (or her) disposal to provoke any kind of situation where a bank holiday is needed to be called; where money can not be accessed from one's account outside of mere dribs or drabs and which the longer the 'holiday' continues, it triggers empty shelves and long lines for basics of survival...

Sorry Charlie..  No terrorist group or individual with hate in their heart and a desire to seek so-called 'Nirvana' can screw up the lives of over 310 million people as dramatically and permanently as one institution..
The Federal Reserve.

We do not write that lightly and there's nothing humorous in that statement.  

Those who understand the Fed and how dangerous it is, are nodding in agreement.   And for those who may not, let us explain extremely brief what they do and the powers they possess...

The Federal Reserve is essentially a private bank that run by and works for the other banks.  It is as 'Federal' as Fed-Ex.

The main job of the Fed to keep the banks solvent by any means necessary, even if its decisions and policies hurt Main Street Americans.  It does not seek approval from the President or Congress in any of its decisions..  Votes are taken by the heads of the 12 smaller branches of the Fed and policy enacted.
At one time there was something called 'trusts' which were meant to be the fiscal 'backstop' in case there was a financial crisis or 'Panic'.  But in 1907, the Panic hit the trusts and wiped them out completely.

Once economic order was re-established, the biggest bankers of the day got together secretly and came up with the charter and functionality for the Fed.  From 1908-1912, both Congress and Pres. Taft were weary of this and voted the Fed charter down.

The bankers then threw their collective financial weight in support of Woodrow Wilson to replace Taft as President in exchange for pushing the Fed Reserve into law...  Wilson won, was inaugurated in early 1913 and very soon after, the Fed became a reality.

And what does the Fed do?  One thing is control and manipulate interest rates which affect how much interest you pay back on loans and how much if any interest you return on savings and investment such as CDs, savings bonds, etc..
The lower the interest, the more it kills savers, thus forcing them to spend it or put it into risky investing ventures to chase a livable rate of return.  It is an artificial enticement to get people to buy expensive things to propel them into increased levels of debt.

It also is a means of banks to be able to lend to each other as inexpensively as possible, and its a way to manipulate how much the nation pays back its creditors.  The lower the interest rate, the less the interest accumulated on the National Debt which keeps the deficit in somewhat manageable range.

The Fed can spend money at will to help its self-interests.  It spends by creating money from air, printing it then it becomes newly minted debt that must be repaid.  If we did it, that would be called counterfeiting and end up with lengthy prison sentences...

Sorry if our explanation was not brief or concise enough for you but you simply can not explain the Federal Reserve and its power in mere 25 words or less...
It controls interest, money printing, the ability to create and control inflation and the overall value of currency.  There is not a single aspect of economic life in America that the Fed is not actively involved in controlling and manipulating.

The Fed Chair is appointed by the President every 4 years but the Fed provides the list of candidates.  The President simply picks from it then Congress rubber stamps the approval.  Chairs tend to be Republican and fiscally conservative leaning but it hasn't prevented them from being approved and re-approved by Democrat Presidents when they're in power...

And beyond a monthly visit to a House of Representatives finance committee and releasing reports to calm and soothe Investors, it is under no legal obligation to do anything elected officials may seek of them.
That is why Ben Bernanke is truly the biggest threat to the safety and security of this nation.  He's creating a $1Tril/yr asset bubble via the stock market while using that $85 billion/mo via indefinite QE4 & 5 to fund not just national but international banks.

Some say the US President is the most powerful man in the world.  Maybe its true.. but the Fed Chair is the most powerful man in the financial world.

And ft suddenly Bernanke was attacked by a million poisonous bees and keeled over permanently, the Fed would elect a new person to become Chair quicker than you could sneeze and ideological order would be restored.
So in summary...

When you think of terrorists, think of mosquitoes i.e. nuisances..

When you think of the Federal Reserve, think of cancer...