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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Help Wanted: Seeking those with 'David'-like Spirits (must bring your own slingshot)

We at A&G are a pretty relentless and pugnacious bunch..

We know the easy thing would be to write articles that support the 'recovery' narrative.. Write some complimentary pieces on the Fed and banks..  Who knows, maybe throw in a couple daily stock tips for good measure.

Sure we'd ultimately be complicit when the market does dramatically drop and everyday people lose in days what took years  to accrue, but for the moment, it sure would make us popular with the majority.

That would be the easy way.
Just not our style.   We'll keep shouting that the supposed opulently adorned 'Emperor' is completely utterly bare-bottomed naked with tiny-weeny tally-wacker dribbling about until people begin to see the truth of things.

No problem can ever be addressed if never acknowledged.

You see the market go up, and if that's all you know, you assume all is well.

And the media will spout off for good measure, some stats showing job growth or confidence rising to emphasize the point that all is well.  
The term is 'synergy'-- various forces that appear different but really are similar an working together for the same ultimate goals.

For example when you watch Saturday Night Live which is on NBC and the host is the star of one of NBC's comedies and that actor or actress appears on NBC owned talk shows earlier in the week to promote the show...

That's a form of corporate synergy.

The mainstream media works in concert with Wall Street corporate and governmental interests to keep people calm and docile.  This is not hokum.  Its part of the FCC pledge every network must adhere to in order to renew their licensing.  
No entity under the control of the FCC can push forth any ideologies or agendas that stir others into agitation against the Government or to provide any content or points of view which would incite or encourage rebellion among the populace against the State.

This is why there is really no debate in news beyond 'Left' vs 'Right' and why no information is ever presented to the public to cause fear or a lack of confidence in government to solve problems.

For instance, in Cyprus, a full month after capital controls were put into effect to control how much a depositor could access their own money, the government knows the people do not trust them or the banks and the first opportunity they get, they'll Smartly pull their money out.
So Cyprus officially has decided it will simply keep currency controls in effect indefinitely or until trust in the banks has recovered sufficiently because the nation can't afford people rushing in and protecting their remaining assets.

Sorta chicken/egg.. Which comes first, the trust or the freedom to access one's own money without fascist restriction?

No one in America ever talks about a situation like this becoming a realistic possibility one day if the economy implodes upon itself, and these things usually happen without very much warning.
The media will spend 24hrs a day covering a tropical storm or 4 inches of snow and give a million tips for preparation but never a word uttered when it comes to financial survival.  Show me a media outlet that even suggests you should withdraw all non-essential funds from the banks and that will be the First!

Here's the true state of the US economy and by extension the global economy:  All those paper bills and coinage in one's pocket-- they're backed by nothing.  

They only have value so much as others place upon them.  It is the illusion of value in currency and the faith that those pieces of paper can be used to buy products and services which keeps the game going.

Without it, US dollars are as worthless as Confederate dollars.
The Fed prints and prints for purposes of directly benefiting a select few while giving illusion it is to benefit all and keeping up the lie their #1 goal is job creation.  Its all to benefit the banks but that's specifically why the Fed was chartered in 1907 -- to be the financial backstop for banks while run by banks.

The reason there are no overt bread lines for miles and soup kitchens feeding the masses is due to food stamps, welfare, social security and unemployment.   The number of individuals who receive at least one form of benefit from the government to survive is over 100 million people... 1 in 3.

The reason we haven't collapsed yet as a nation as prices go up on everything from food to clothing to healthcare while wages have stagnated is due to access of credit to fill the fiscal void.
We are a society that has devolved from a nation of savers to living paycheck to paycheck to now biding time before the next paycheck comes via credit cards, payday loans, etc..

As long as government can profit from this, it will never do a single thing ever to fix this brutal hardship.

We hire more people today than four years ago but always in the direction of sellers rather than creators or designers; always jobs available that are far below the education one spent a fortune to acquire in college...  
Always temp jobs with no benefits, protections or security.

And employers are always cutting back those hours.   The new 'full time' laborer works 35hrs a week.  This ensures that no overtime is ever paid to anyone.

Shall we go on?

The goal here is not to sadden or depress.. it is to evoke anger!

Anger at your President... At your political party (D or R, couldn't care less)  Anger at the system-- your boss who exploits.. your government that uses you for their need and gives little in return back..
We've mentioned this before--  the Total and we mean TOTAL outstanding debt among all American citizens i.e. mortgages, car loans, student loans, credit cards, etc equals around $2.76 Trillion.

The Fed has spent over $4.5 Trillion since 2008 to help the banks.

If the Fed paid off every US citizen's debt load so we'd all be at Zero, money which would go to the banks anyways, the Fed would still have and an additional $1.8 Trillion or so to do QE and all their other nefarious schemes...
But we're all kept out of the loop so intentionally by those in power and the media, we as a people don't even know what to demand and have absolutely no unity or common purpose to present grievances and seek redress.

Exactly as they want it.

So we at A&G are facing quite a Goliath..

But this is one fight where 'David' is going to need some help...