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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to express Anger and the power of the Individual

The market dropped about 140pts today... Good.

Its probably nothing more than the old Wall St adage of "Sell in May and go away; Don't come back til' Labor Day"

Of course the media has to attach some rhyme or reason to why it goes up or down so today's spin was something about global manufacturing starting to cool down and U.S. companies are hiring more slowly than anticipated...
Reminds us of the guy who had a really Bad day so his friend asks, "What's wrong Buddy? You seem particularly down today more than normal" and the guy replies, "Ehh.. my wife doesn't want to have sex with me".   The friend says "Sorry about that.. If you don't mind me asking, how long as this been going on?", and the guy replies "Four years"

So much negative financial news... for instance, it was reported today that in April only 119,000 new jobs were created by private companies. (88,000 new jobs were created by private businesses in March)

If you divide by 50 US states, that's 2,380 jobs per...
The small state of Massachusetts has 14 counties using them as an example, that means 170 new jobs were created per county in Mass. in April.    North Carolina has 100 counties so that averages to 23 to 24 new jobs per NC county...

But don't worry-- everything's super in America.  An NBA player who averaged 1.1pts per game this season came out as 'gay' even though he was in a long term relationship with a woman for over 8 yrs before breaking off the engagement one month before the wedding.

So we can all take comfort in that as we munch on our food-stamp purchased edibles and go back to scouring the want-ads for temp work.
So what to do... what to do?

How do we express the built-up rage and anger?  How do we make our frustrations known and more importantly, direct it to the proper individuals who can make a difference?

Sadly there really isn't a clear cut answer...

We can commit violence; go on a destructive rampage...  But against what? or Who? A building..  Some symbol?  
And in this nation no one individual is all-powerful.  Every one-- easily replaceable.  Someone in office resigns due to scandal or passes away from old age, a new official is appointed and confirmed in mere days.

Some President passes away from standing out in the cold rain too long or eating bad cherries with milk and someone of the same political affiliation and ideology steps to fill the void in hours.

So violence isn't the answer.

System is way too powerful plus deep down its really what they want.  You don't think the Department of Homeland Security is buying hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition monthly to in preparation of some foreign foe do you?
Nope.. Its for us.  And they can't wait to test out their new toys

OK, so acts of violence are out of the question..  What else?

Protest marches?  Nah..

Did all the protest marches globally in early 2003 concerning the US' decision to invade Iraq halt or dissuade the attack?  Did all the Vietnam protest marches and campus demonstrations of the late 1960s and early 70's deter LBJ and Nixon?  Nope..

So protests are ignored by the powerful...
Hmm..  what else?

We could write to our Congresspeople or the President.   Nice exercise in creative writing but realistically, the chances a few letters will sway an elected official who is of a different political party than yourself is slim to none.

And don't bother writing the Fed.. That bastard Ben Bernanke only listens to banks and professional big-time Investors.  So we guess if you're one of them, a letter couldn't hurt...

Escape into drugs or alcohol?
No..bad idea.  The System wants you to escape but prefer you do it to television, movies and video games.. Better yet, shopping-- buy whatever you need to push your blues away.. cha-ching!  No one in power minds That..

Nothing good ever comes about from drugs or alcohol-- the police will lock you up for the slightest infraction and addiction is a horrible road to travel...

There are many things one can do for therapeutic release-- start a blog, vent in a diary, complain among friends, scream into a pillow and go for a long night-time drive are some possibilities.

Now taking your $$ out of the bank is a very good way to protest.  Every penny not needed for bills or to maintain free checking account minimums to be simply withdrawn.   This deprives banks of the ability to lend 10x that amount to others via fractional reserve..
Problem is, most people are cowardly or complacent.  Too trusting of banks.. Too believing that baddies will rob them and know just exactly which empty paint can or coffee tin they hid it in.

So without the masses withdrawing at once in a timed movement, you don't get the full effect of scaring the banks and the system into listening to the people and changing policy.

The best way to rebel is to be an Individual.  That doesn't mean getting tattoos, piercings, dying one's hair wild colors and dressing in black.   That's not Individualism.

Individualism means you have your own unique set of values and beliefs; private convictions and views on the world and thus you live your life while marching to the beat of your drum.
Ralph Waldo Emerson was such a man-- he didn't believe any of his money should be used to pay for toward a war with Mexico (1846-48) which he felt was simply to expand slavery.  So he didn't pay his taxes... He practiced civil disobedience.

Now Emerson was ultimately imprisoned and eventually was freed when a friend paid the taxes against Emerson's consent.  He makes mention of this in 'Walden'...

Emerson had a personal conviction.. He followed through.

What are your core convictions?
We're not sure if one person can really change the world all too much.  We do know that no person has more power in terms of changing, altering and ultimately improving your world as you.

Things are bad out there... Don't let the media fool you otherwise...

If you're "Mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore!", to quote the 1975 film Network, then how are you going to express it?

Only you can answer..   But the only bad answer is to keep it inside.