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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why We Wish McCain was President today (and its not for reasons you think)

They keep using the word 'recovery'...  the filthy excrement at the Fed and in the White House and Congress and corporate media..

Even when admitting today the job market is weak, that bastard Fed Chair tells Congress it is vital to continue the $85billion/month in asset purchases ($1.967 million per SECOND) to keep the market strong and continue the 'recovery'...

And of course the idiots on Capital Hill swallowed it up..

Recovery.. Recovery.. Recovery..

"Look into my eyes... Recovery.. Recovery.. Recovery..."
~ Ahh Protests!-- remember the 'good ole days' when 'W' was in office?

We know we will upset a few people in saying this, and possibly stir a contentious debate but its really a shame McCain did not win election in 2008 and thus be serving a second term today...


Simple.. Because no way in Hell would anyone allow a Republican President to get away with taking positive credit for an economy that for the last five years have been closer to that of a beached whale!

You would have seen mass demonstrations on the streets by every liberal group under the sun demanding the White House do something to fix the economy and get people back to work.. To stop the wars.. To stop funneling trillions of dollars into that God Damn stock market!
You'd see protesters young and old take to the street in masses like they did in 2003 to protest the ultimate invasion of Iraq by Bush.

You'd see perhaps another 'Million-Man march' by black leaders to protest the fact they've been utterly ignored and their social and economic problems have gotten dramatically worse!  Unfortunately they're either cowards or still in sycophantic awe of their guy...

Maybe you'd see confrontations with police.. Maybe Riots..

Who knows..
Where's the demonstrators calling Obama the same things they called Bush--  'War Mongerer'.. 'Hitler-like'.. 'A God Damn Liar'...  Where's all the passionate defenders of democracy and freedom?  Where's the vicious, cruel signs against a do-nothing still in office?

Its quite hypocritical but what can one do..

Some groups tried to protest the Obama Administration's handling of the economy and being so cozy-cozy with Wall Street.  But then the DNC threatened to take away funding -- no way would they allow liberal groups to embarrass them -- and that was that..

Tell you one thing and you know this to be true..

Absolutely No way in Hell would those who are Awake and see the continual economic decline of this once great nation ever allow John McCain to have a moment's peace; to have his 'legacy',

They would Never allow VP Sarah Palin, someone the political left irrationally despises to the point of blood lust, the opportunity to springboard a supposedly 'successful' two terms in office as a rallying point to run for President herself..
Nope.. you would see social action as you've never seen it before!

You would see television and newspaper coverage non-stop of people being evicted from their homes.. living in cars... children crying as mothers hold them and try to give some comfort..

You'd see interviews with people now homeless and destitute who once had gainful employment..  There'd be stories on the fracturing of the family.. high divorce rates.. suicides..  A disenchanted and detached youth who feel no hope for the future..

You'd see All the news stories that outside US news like Russia Today accurately covers but the mainstream media does not..  And the media didn't choose to protect your sensitive eyes and ears to the truth or fear of dwindling ratings..
~ Where's the anti-war protesters who needed to show the coffins today?

If McCain/Palin ran the show, you'd see the same pro-Fed, pro-wealthy, pro-war policies as Obama.. Its just the media would counter with 24/7 gloom and doom

And the only reason you don't see this depression covered properly and responsively is that the wrong party is in office to go all negative and paint a picture of utter despair.

Especially the first black president...

Would set a bad precedent.  Too politically incorrect.

Sorry, that's just the blunt truth of it...
So we wish a Republican was in office today.

Not because we think things would be better..

It's just that people would be outwardly Far, Far angrier and despondent... Without the bullshit veneer of empty 'hope' clouding the eyes which Obama peddled so well

And maybe, just maybe you might have a populace that was, to borrow a famous phrase, "Mad as Hell and Not going to take it Anymore!"