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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cellphones & A Surefire Way to Prevent Government Spying

Before we get into today's very important post topic, just want to do say we were once again right about the market for Tuesday..

We expected it to go up for no real rhyme or reason and mentioned this in our previous post which it did, making for happy rats n' roaches.. um.. we mean Investors.

Well, OK what really happened was this: China's stock market, known as Hang Seng has dropped dramatically in the last month causing a 6% decline and the market was in free fall late last night which was their Wed. trading day..
Within a 3 hour window of time it had dropped over 500pts so China's central banking version of our personal liar Bernanke, told everyone that everything is fine and the central bankers have everything under control..

Then China calmed and the US calmed..

God forbid traders ever learn to accept risk in trading...

Then there were the utter BS news stories that consumer confidence for June is the highest ever (remember they only survey 5,000 people by phone in a nation of 315 million) and housing is strong (which it isn't)
Speaking of surveys, did you know 76% of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with 27% not having a single penny in real savings!  

46% of Americans have less than $800 in savings and less than 25% have enough $$ to cover expenses for more than six months in case of a true emergency...  Also 62% have stated they had to reduce household spending this year (year 6 of the current recession-depression)

Wonder if they're the same ones polled who are telling the Consumer Confidence Board how absolutely giddy they are at the state of the economy and excited to spend..

Doubt it...
Hope the market loses another 300-500 points tomorrow...  And if it doesn't, well... there's always Friday..

Now on to more important things...

Did you know the government can spy on you using your cellphone?

Of course you did.. that's not breaking news..

Did you know they can spy on you when you have it turned OFF?
Nope.. not a conspiracy theory from wackos...

From ABC News, reported on Dec 6th 2006 (in blue font):

"Cell phone users, beware.  The FBI can listen to everything you say, even when the cell phone is turned off.   

A recent court ruling in a case against the Genovese crime family revealed that the FBI has the ability from a remote location to activate a cell phone and turn its microphone into a listening device that transmits to an FBI listening post, a method known as a “roving bug.”...
“The FBI can access cell phones and modify them remotely without ever having to physically handle them,” James Atkinson, a counterintelligence security consultant, told ABC News.  

“Any recently manufactured cell phone has a built-in tracking device, which can allow eavesdroppers to pinpoint someone’s location to within just a few feet,” he added.

According to the recent court ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan, “The device functioned whether the phone was powered on or off, intercepting conversations within its range wherever it happened to be.” 
The "roving bugs" were approved by a judge after the more conventional bugs planted at specified locations were discovered by members of the crime family, who then started to conduct their business dealings in several additional locations, including more restaurants, cars, a doctor’s office and public streets. 

"The courts have given law enforcement a blank check for surveillance," Richard Rehbock, attorney for defendant John Ardito, told ABC News."

Let that sink in a minute...
Here's the link to the article so the cynical and disbelieving do not think we made it up -- 

There's only one way to prevent this from happening to you:

When not in use, you have to remove the cell phone battery.    Without the power source, the device is inoperable and can not be hijacked remotely...

Really not much more to add to this post...
We live in a very scary Orwellian world.. Have been for quite some time.  

And it really doesn't matter the President or political party in office-- Government fears its citizens more than anyone abroad and will do anything to ensure it knows every thought you possess to ensure its protection...

Not your protection.. the State's protection.
You either accept this reality or you don't..

We believe in free will so its up to you..  We present the truth and are both 100% free and advertisement-free...

Let others know about us.. They deserve to be informed too.