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Friday, June 14, 2013

Double Talkin' Jive

It's Friday afternoon.. nice to see the Dow dow 75pts so far..

Wish it would drop 4 digits but that's something we're always patiently waiting for... the crash that once and for all stops people from believing we're in recovery and more importantly, wipes out professional investors and the Jim Cramer 'Mad Money' viewers...

The official reasoning for the drop -- "profit taking"

In other words, the market going up is Good because higher numbers are always better than lower, and the market dropping is a Good thing because rats are cashing out their profits...
Everything is double-talkin' jive

Black is white and white is black...

Sorta like a higher unemployment rate is 'Good' because more people are looking and a lower unemployment is 'Good' because most Americans don't know what's going on anyways..

Sorta like consumer confidence dropped in June which is never 'Good' but the media will Never Ever allow you to be properly informed so they report it as, "June's reading, however, was the second highest in the last eight months, suggesting Americans were far from gloomy about their long-term prospects." (AP)
Sorta like Detroit is going to be defaulting on their loans today -- they owe $17 billion to their creditors.  But that's not "Bad".  Rather its merely a 'shared sacrifice' the people of the city will have to endure.  Guess that's more pleasant than saying a financial communal raping...

Sorta like Obama is really Black Bush...  George W that is...

Everyone knows it--  few will say it.

His economic policies cater to the elite wealthy, no banker has even been charged or arrested, much less convicted for their role in the '08 crash, he retained Bernanke back in 2009 (a Bush appointee) Gitmo is still open, and then there's IRS, NSA, strengthening of Patriot Act, etc..
Don't tell this to the die hard loyalists--especially the 99.99999% of blacks who voted Obama for reasons of pride more than prudence-- they honestly think they're lives are actually Better...  Of course this is not true but Shhh~ Who are we to ruin a nice nappy-time dream...

OK.. there is one difference between the two men..

Obama hates Israel.. Bush didn't..

Double talkin' jive..
Sorta also like we're fighting a multi-trillion dollar war on terror for the past 12 years to destroy al Qaeda and yet in Syria we're allying ourselves with the rebels who are Strongly pro-al Qaeda

"A Syrian rebel group's April pledge of allegiance to al-Qaeda's replacement for Osama bin Laden suggests that the terrorist group's influence is not waning.."  (USA Today)

Sorta like we treat our enemies as if they were our friends i.e. China and treat our friends and allies with suspicion and fear..

Yep, everything is double-talkin' jive.

Whatever it takes for you to believe all is well...