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Friday, June 28, 2013

Race, Language and THE Double Standard

**  Warning:  Today's posting will be dealing with a controversial topic in a most honest, mature and bluntly frank matter and that includes language and terms that some may find offensive or objectionable, and wilt like frail daisies when exposed..

If you are one of those, please skip this post, have a lovely weekend and we'll see you Monday.

Otherwise, let's begin..

Growing up as a child, one of the first television shows that I used to watch via syndicated repeats was 'The Jeffersons' starring Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson.  The show was a spin-off of  'All In The Family'
George was black and a bigot.  He referred to whites as 'Crackers', 'Honkys' and 'Whitey'.  He got pleasure slamming the door in the face of his white neighbors and the concierge.

His closest neighbors, the Willis's were an interracial couple.  He would refer to their daughter who would eventually marry his son as a 'zebra'.

Everything George said got big laughs.

Ha Ha Ha.

Black America loved hearing George stick it to those evil 'Whiteys' even though all the whites on the show treated George with friendliness, kindness and respect.
A few years into the series, an episode took place where George and 'Weezy', his wife were trying to adopt a child; a black girl.   In her presence, George called his neighbor a 'damned honky'.

When the little girl mimicked the phrase to her white foster care caretaker and it was found out it came from George, he was prevented from adopting her and for the first time in the show, George learned humility and that he was racist.

For the rest of the series, George never uttered another anti-white slur and whether connected or not, the show lost its edge, ratings plummeted and it was cancelled.

George was allowed to say whatever he damn well felt..

Others had to watch their P's & Q's..
And that's the way this society is..  That's the way the black community and the white guilters want it to stay..

We are told this 'N' word is offensive, degrading, reprehensible and vile..  The same word that many blacks use to greet each other...

We guess the adage of 'Sticks & Stones may break my bones but Words will NEVER hurt me' only apply within one's community...
~ Real movie title to Blaxploitation Flick

This supposed poison word is spoken by blacks in affection...

"Yo nigger, what up?"

Or criticism..

"Dayum Nigger, catch the ball!"

Or admiration..

"All Righhhttt!!... That's my nigger!!"

What other race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender or even sexual orientation does that??!!
~ Another real movie title from the early 1970s

Ever hear two Italians do it?

"Yo wop.. what up?  "Hey goomba, just relaxin'!"

How about Never..  EVER!

And yet the double standard exists with blacks...

We as Americans have allowed a group of people under the guise of being offended and experiencing historical pain to hijack and control that specific offensive word for their own personal pleasure and sadism toward others.

As we said earlier this week, in the film Django, the word 'Nigger' is uttered 213 Times!!  And even now, worthless Coward corporations like Target, Wal-Mart and Sears will happily sell you the DVD or Blu-Ray, yet cut ties with Paula Deen.
~ Quentan Tarantino wrote & directed 'Django'

Hypocritical cut-throat greedy corporations run by little white bastards scared to death of enduring the wrath of the Rev Jacksons and Sharptons of the world..

Now some would say the word is shunned out of respect...

Isn't saying 'spic' or 'slope' or 'dyke' just as offensive?

And what about those hate filled people who use 'clever-clever' terms naively believing their masking their evil.. for example, those who repeatedly criticize Israel, 'Illuminati', 'banking cartels' and those "Zionists" when its obvious the meaning is 'Jews'..
~ Jodie Foster & Danny Glover came to Mel's defense after he said the following to his former wife and threatened to beat her up again... People didn't seem to mind the anti-Semitic stuff

And yet you don't hear those words bleeped on TV or used with asterisks in print, do you...  Only one word.. one special hijacked word...

And others would say its guilt emotions because the whites have owned slaves and oppressed the blacks for so long..

That is rather pathetic when you think about it...
~ Real book.. was later changed to 'Ten Little Indians"

The Vast majority of Americans today have ancestors who originally came to this nation After the Civil War was over (1865) meaning they did not own slaves or in any way engage or profit from the slave trade...

In addition there is not a single person living today nor their parents who can say they have owned a black person as a slave.

And yet people feel guilt for actions they did not take part...
Everyone has been made fun of, mocked and verbally degraded at some point in our lives.  It could be based on race or ethnicity/religion or sexual orientation or disability or handicap.. Or height or weight or intellect or athletic ability...

And those who survive and thrive in this world are the ones who develop tough skin.  They take the attitude of 'Fuck these haters!  I've a right to be here like anyone else and I'm going to succeed in spite of them!'

They are the Winners in life.
Losers wallow in the mud and the muck and get bent out of shape every time a word is uttered they take offense to...

Losers try to manipulate and control language as a source of perverse power over other people

Losers seek to destroy others' livelihoods and reputations; to tear down in seconds like a pack of animals what takes others a lifetime to create and sustain...  Guilt free..  With a snicker...

Losers develop self-hate for their own background and willingly exude powerlessness and submission to others who don't really like or respect them in the first place...
All words of hatred and degradation are horrible... All of them..

And no one should Ever be allowed to control words or language, or set up double-standards.  We give away Far too much power when we allow that..   And no one should Ever.. we mean Ever lose their livelihood over words...

Actions-- yes.   Words-- Never..

The First Amendment is meant to give freedom for people to say not only what we wish to hear but the freedom to say the things we prefer not to hear..  That is a free society.
~  Yes that's Ted Danson.. he was married to Whoopi at the time..

And there can never ever be a sincere discussion on race and mutual understanding between black and white; the kind of understanding not based on phoniness and political correctness, until fears are allowed to be set aside and True dialogue occurs

This means each side admits intolerance toward the other

And blacks are no longer allowed to make whites feel evil because they use a word they use Constantly in their daily communications and in their entertainment, particularly rap music.
~ The singer Kelis with rapper Nas

Then you will have whites not say the N word out of true respect...

Not out of fear of losing their job or some sponsors..

You can control what one says publicly but you can't control what one thinks and does privately.. and if the goal is a tolerant, racist-free society, there has to be honest, free flowing dialogue..

And blacks Must suffer the same economic repercussions as whites who utter that terrible word...  Or better yet, stop using it at all!!