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Thursday, August 8, 2013

5 Quickie Examples: Breaking down QE $85 Billion/mo

Every month that evil, abominable Federal Reserve spends $85 billion to enrich the pockets of banks, corporations, and professional Investors while propping up a never-ending lie that our nation is recovering...

There's so many ways to break that money down to try to make it understandable to the average person so they feel rightly pissed off and seek Bernanke's head on a pike (um.. figuratively of course.. teehee~)

Often in previous postings, we've broken down that $85 billion by dividing per day, per hour, per minute and per second..

We're going to try to explain $85 Billion monthly a little different
Example A:

In January of this year, the Pew Charitable Trusts published a study showing that 61 U.S. cities have an aggregate pension funding gap of $99 billion and an additional shortfall of $118 billion for retiree health benefits.

This figure was based on 2009, the last year full stats could be acquired for that study..

You add the two figures and you get $227 billion total deficit of funds..

The Fed spends that in less than 3 months;  $85B x 3 = $255B

The entire shortfall of US pensions around the nation; the supposed albatross around the budgetary necks of at least 61 major cities and metropolitan areas could be filled for less than three months of QE
Example B:

The US Department of Education was formed in 1979 and currently has 5,000 people working for it..  Its annual budget for 2013 is $69.8 Billion..

The Fed spends that amount in just under 25 days to buy toxic mortgages and other garbage those worthless banks are still holding onto their books
Example C:

The FBI was established during the Prohibition era and currently protects America from domestic and international threats on US soil...

There are over 36,000 employees who work for the FBI and its annual budget for 2013 is $8.2 Billion

The Fed spends that in just under 3 days
Example D:

The US Department of Defense means our military-- Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Currently there are 1.4 million active duty soldiers, over 1.1 million reservists and 718k civilians..

Its operating budget as of 2012 was $553 Billion...

It will take the Fed six and a half months of consistent financial flushing into the corrupt stock market to equal the full yearly budget of a government department that pays the salaries of over 3.23 million people
Example E:

California is home to just over 38 million people; the largest state in the US and 3rd in overall size just below Alaska and Texas...

Their annual budget in 2012 was just over $92 billion...

The Fed will spend this amount in under 33 days...

As of 2011, California's total state debt was $265 billion which is resulting in a lot of government cutbacks in social services and fiscal belt tightening wherever possible...

The Fed will have spent that to make the rich richer in 3 months, 3 days.

We could go on and on..

We think you get the point..

We hope you get the point..