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Friday, August 23, 2013

Government's War on Pro-Choice (we aren't speaking of Abortion)

The following posting has absolutely nothing to do with 'Pro-Choice' as relating to abortion.. The 'Choice' we're writing about is Far more Important because we're talking about basic day to day life choices...

Now lawmakers are worthless.   they truly are..

Really doesn't matter if Commander in Chief, Senator, Representative, Governor..

And the more localized they are... State Representative, Mayor, Councilperson, the bigger the little Nothings that they are;  Small people with a title and some power to impact the lives of those in in their communities adversely..
Politicians pretend they believe in freedom.. its not true..  They do everything possible to restrict it and to limit choice.   What they can not ban or remove, they try to tax...

Behaviors they can not alter via imprisonment or the fear of, they attempt through the power of persuasion via the purse (or wallet)

And so it becomes win-win... They successfully alter behaviors and daily life choices of some, and those who won't allow them, just end up paying more for everything and all politicians love money..

They love to tax..  Its really all they know how to do.
Tax anything that a human being enjoys.. anything that gives a person happiness... anything that makes life even infinitesimally better.

When its something supposedly 'bad' for us like alcohol or cigarettes, they call it 'sin taxes' which is a subtle way of saying government is standing up for morality and decency...

Really its just an excellent way to schtupp ('F' over) the poor and working class who statistically have been shown to enjoy alcohol and cigarettes at a higher percentage than those higher on the socio-economic ladder..
Funny how no one ever proposes a higher corporate tax rate for cigarette and alcohol facilities and distribution centers...  Nope-- the financial onus is always on the common person..

And when its something relatively unharmful to digest like soda, the little weasels do everything they can to tax that under the pretend concern about our health... Trying to curb obesity in adults and our precious children; our future..

Where's the tax increase on fast food restaurants..  Or consumption of cake and candy and ice creme and cookies?  Or butter or D milk or a thousand other fattening artery-clogging foods in your local supermarket??
Nope.. just gotta go after that soda..

And if these little worms can't tax you more under the guise of policing morality or faux concern for our well being, they'll do it for the precious environment..

We found this article the other day in
"An area lawmaker wants Pennsylvania shoppers to BYOB (bring your own bag) or pay a fee.

Sen. Daylin Leach (D., Montgomery) has introduced a bill aimed at reducing the volume of plastic bags in the trash by imposing a  2 cent fee on each new bag used by shoppers...

Leach said his bill - like those already enacted in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington - would encourage customers to shop with reusable bags while reducing landfill waste.

"Two cents is a small price to pay for a cleaner, more vibrant planet.." "
Pardon our french Sen Leach but go Fuck yourself!

Who the hell are you or any other local nothing politician to control how other people choose to bag their groceries!  If a specific store wishes to charge per bag, that's their prerogative..

And then watch how their foot traffic dramatically declines..

And if there was such a concern to help the environment then the counties or states should fit the bill and pay $$ necessary to  provide every citizen with 2-3 recycle bags instead of having us pay $1-2 each...
Or add tax to all plastic kitchen, leaf and contractor bags..

Or toughen their state's vehicle emission standards..

And if they want less plastic, then provide customers with a practical option; bring back paper bags like the good ole' days..  Remember them?   Then plastic was introduced as the savior to help the environment and paper was eliminated...

"Paper of Plastic Ma'am/Sir?"...  Bye Bye choice..
Nope.. the burden is on the individual..

And the real bitch of it is that people do blindly pay these taxes and more, and they keep taking and taking it..  Maybe some will write a strongly-word letter or threaten not to vote for politician "X"..

But ultimately they take it..

They allow their day to day lives; their basic happiness and joys to be altered out of principle or financial practicality or they allow their G-D local and state governments to rob them blind at every turn..
We wonder how many people sincerely make the effort to travel across county lines to shop if one county's sales tax is 6% and the next is 8%?

How many would take perhaps an hour's drive to travel from one state that charges 6% on purchases to one that charges nothing to buy big ticket items?

Or how many just go 'Ehhh.. not worth the trouble'?

If a person bought 10 plastic bags worth of food per week (including the probability of some double-bagging), that's a needless extra 20 cents paid per week...
52 weeks x $0.20 = $10.40

Some say... 'Ehh, what's $10.40??'

Well how would you feel if we stuck out hands into your wallet or purse and took out that amount?  If its an individual, its called Stealing... If its your government, its called a 'tax'...

Everyone is desperate for additional revenue streams..  Sure they'll all lie to your face with big smiley faces and tell you the economy is improving, jobs are growing, housing is booming..
Lie upon Lie to keep you docile and ignorant...

But governments are not desperate to get out of the red when in the black and rolling in the green..

We could write more fact but sometimes parody presents the most truth..

So we end with a quote from the 1980 film 'Airplane' and we hope the connection made isn't too confusing..

Stewardess Elaine:  "Ladies and gentleman, this is your stewardess speaking..   We regret any inconvenience the sudden cabin movement might have caused.  This is due to periodic air pockets we encountered. There's no reason to be alarmed and we hope you enjoy the rest of your flight.

By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?"