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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Evil Which is the Fed. Even More simplifed

The market's been dropping the past two days over insecurity of potential Fed tapering based on statements two Fed board members have made recently..

Of course we expect by Friday that Bernanke will calm the markets with some lie and the week will finish on a plus.

Now in a perfect world as A&G sees it, there wouldn't be a tapering off...  the QE would simply stop in a finger snap... with absolutely no hint of a warning...

The market would drop... maybe crash..
A lot of wealthy people would lose everything..

Some banks and corporations would collapse in a dust heap..

And ultimately a true bottom would be established from which a genuine and most important sustainable recovery could emerge that benefited Main Street and Wall Street alike...

But its really like having salmonella or other strain of food poisoning..

One can not begin to feel better until there's a violent purging...
This nation needs one desperately.

We tried as best we could yesterday to explain how absolutely artificial this recovery is with the Fed involved in all aspects; a complete manipulation of both the US and global economy..

They say a US President is the leader of the free world...   Well a Federal Reserve chair is the leader of the economic free world.

Because some people were still a bit confused after our last posting explaining all the ways the Fed controls the US economy, we will make one more attempt as simple as humanly possible in bulletin points..
*  The Fed is as 'Federal' as FedEx.. Its is privately owned/run

*  Its charter was set up specifically to help banks and the stock market; that is its 24/7 #1 priority.. It is not seeing unemployment lowered

*  The US economy basically died in 2008; it is on life support.  It functions because the Fed acts as the life support machines--

* In the last 5 years, the Fed has given taxpayer money to US banks, foreign banks, private US and global corporations, inflated the stock market and bought up the vast majority of Treasury notes (bonds.. i.e. government debt)
*  The Fed has kept interest at near zero to kill savers while steering everyday people into the risky market, encouraging lending between banks and borrowing among consumers, especially high-ticket items like homes and cars...

* They have intentionally and purposely sabotaged the US dollar's value so to make repayment of creditor debt cheaper while doing everything possible to create and sustain inflation (prices go up).

* In the last 5 years, wealth among the top 1% has increased dramatically while the bottom 99% has seen a continual precipitous fall in life savings and their standard of living.

They are as evil an entity as exists and we honestly can't simplify things any further without writing a novella...

The best the everyday person can hope for, as odd as it sounds, is another market crash that pulls all these evil entities and profiteers under the riptide currents and financially drowns them

You can not build anything without a foundation and before any resumption of normalcy commences, there must be a bottom point..

The Fed doesn't want this; doesn't serve their purposes..

That's why you must hope and pray for it